First foray out with my camera

The bloggers on WordPress inspired me to buy a camera and take photos around Colchester, UK.

Reading other WordPress blogs has been inspiring.  The photographs on the blogs I have seen are awesome.

Any good blog needs images, but it did not seem right I borrow images off the internet to make my point, so I went off and purchased a digital camera yesterday.  The digital camera is a FujiFilm Finepix s4000, at a cost of £169.00, plus £20.00 for 16 gigabyte memory card.

I am a novice when it comes to digital photography, and it was a case of setting the camera on default mode and experiment with the zoom as I hunted around Colchester for pictures.  Today had a lot of cloud so this impacted the photographs.

Here follows a selection of my first attempt at photography:

Colchester Castle, built by the Normans in 1069, it has the largest keep in Europe. It is built on the foundations of the Temple of Claudius, the first ever building of brick built in Britain after the Romans invaded. When Boudica attacked Colchester, the town all hid inside the Temple, where she burnt them alive.
The Castle has a colourful history: besieged by King John; prison for witches, who were burnt around the castle; jail for various unlucky Christian denominations; prison for Sir Thomas Malory, who wrote the Le Morte d’Arthur. The Castle is now the location of the Colchester museum.

A male magpie in Colchester Castle Park. The blue flowers in the corner goes nicely with the blueish tail of the magpie. The green background of the grass works well. I took a dozen photos of this male magpie. He was moving around a great deal, so I spent some time trying to catch him. His female partner was close by, and she did not move, she was pregnant. Around the female the male would put on a display by puffing up his feathers.

The ducks in Colchester Castle Park are photogenic, so I was able to take a photo of these two male Mallard ducks. The ducks look good on the green background of grass. I was about to get another neat shot, but a passing cyclist frightened the ducks off.

My experiments with flowers mostly was a disaster. These ones from Abbeyfields in Colchester came out well.

I keep an eye out for opportunities to create photographs of a metaphorical nature. The Colchester war memorial has a statue associating the women of Colchester and Britain with peace.  The flag is the British Union Jack, which was flying in the background above Colchester Castle. With Britain thinking of planning another war in Syria, and possibly against Iran, this image will come in handy for any future communications I have with the politicians. I am against any more wars by Britain after Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.


17 responses to “First foray out with my camera

  1. Fantastic! You have an eye for using the camera not for taking pictures, but for making art.

  2. These are some very good pictures; I think you have a “knack” for this. It might also help that Colchester seems to be gorgeous. 🙂 Really, though, I enjoyed seeing these–especially the one with the ducks. In my travels, I haven’t found many places so neat here, in the U.S., so seeing what you’ve posted is very cool.

    Incidentally, I completely agree with you about the incessant wars that the U.S. and U.K. seem bent on getting into (largely at the encourage of my own government, I’m sorry to say). I hope you have better success talking your government out of it than I have with mine.

    • Thanks for your comment on the photos. The Colchester Castle Park is a jewel in the crown of Colchester.

      Colchester has an army garrison, so any wars impact us. The war with Libya was engineered by Britain, and I doubt the British public will want another military adventure in Syria/Iran.

      • That it is. 🙂 From what I’ve seen of the UK countryside, though (in videos, photos, etc.), I suspect there’s quite a lot more “where that came from.” 🙂

        I can understand your frustration about constant/frequent military involvement in the middle-east (and elsewhere). I hadn’t realized (though I probably should have) that the British govt. instigated the Libya war; though it’s not exactly consolation, at least I know that I have good company to commiserate with about “cowboy-ism” from our governments.

      • The countryside around Colchester is beautiful, and each region of the UK has its own individual character.

        The wars come at a time when the UK has run out of money. The stupidity of Governments always amazes me.

      • Douglas Adams had some rather inspired things to say about that, as I recall. 😀

      • Douglas Adams was a great author 🙂

  3. Colchester looks heavily influenced by it’s Roman history. Closest I’ve been, is Saffron Walden, in 1999.

  4. You have done really well…..Yes a tripod is essential for long exposure…..Good luck!

  5. Great Photographs…… nicely written too…… overall great instinct……

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