Principle of Entropy: everything decays

Activity boosts health and delays the impact of old age.

Through observation I enjoy creating my own principles on how I see the cosmos is working.  My latest principle is based on the observation that everything appears to decay: we grow old; rivers dry up; stars run out of energy.

I am growing old.  The reason I am growing old is that the objects around me are stealing more energy from me than I can generate; the loss of energy increases the disorder within my body.  What stops me from falling apart completely into chaos is the intelligent design within my body via the DNA in my cells; the DNA can renew me over and over again; but as the DNA is also made of matter, the DNA is losing energy and structure to the environment too; so overall I am falling apart day after day.  One day I will be in so much disorder I will stop working i.e. die.

I am unable to stop the entropy (I am doomed), but I can delay it by reducing the loss of energy by using the energy in my body more efficiently; by protecting my DNA; by reducing the hammering I am taking from my environment.  Such simple activities like diet, exercise, sleep can slow entropy.

I consider that all things are born with a pack of batteries, its potential energy, that this energy gets sucked out of objects through entropy, until the objects run out of energy and “die”.  Ironically, I observe that when we turn this potential energy into kinetic energy, our activity has the impact of regenerating the batteries to a degree, delaying entropy.  The paradox of not using energy, staying the same, doing nothing, results in greater loss of that energy through entropy, so we fall apart faster, and die quicker.  Watch as the person who stops exercising, and using their brain then loses those facilities to do so; whilst the one who uses their muscles and brain delay disability through old age and the impact of brain disease like dementia.  Activity creates more brain cells and more muscle, thus entropy has more it has to work on to kill you.


5 responses to “Principle of Entropy: everything decays

  1. Well explained Alex! Yes of-course we can delay our aging process by proper diet, exercise and sleep. Also we can extend our life even more if we follow yoga practices like kaya kalpa regularly. It is said that great yogi’s and sages used to live more than 200 to 1000+ years using this techniques. For a normal human after 30+ years, cell growth rate in reduced and cell death rate is increased. In continues in this pattern and at one stage cell growth is ended. Yogis know the practices to rejuvenate their cells and maintain the balance between cell growth and death rate. If this is maintained in harmony you can live for ever.

  2. Good observations I think.
    Conversley, and interestingly, I have also observed that with regard the benefits of exercise, over-exercise reverses the trend and increases entropy, i.e. muscles that have to repair themselves too often end up with too much scar tissue, and joints that are over used wear out at a younger age than would seem reasonable.
    A combination of sore and healing muscles can cause habitual unnatural body mechanics, which in turn can wear out joints quicker as they are being used in ways that they are not designed to be used (I’ve got a couple of those!)

    A couple of years ago I read a book by Goran Powell called A Sudden Dawn (I thoroughly recommend it) which is Goran’s interpretation of Bodiharma’s journey from India to the Shaolin Temple.
    In it he talks of Buddha’s advocation of taking ‘the middle path’. It wasn’t well explained as to what this is, but I’ve taken it to mean that extremes of anything becomes harmful, therefore, the middle path between these extremes is the best place to be.
    Very good advice I thought!


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