Philosophy should be useful to life

If you are unable to apply knowledge to practical ways of living life then it is useless knowledge.

I read in the media today that a bunch of scientists complained that the UK Government was denying them funding in favour of projects that had a useful outcome.  I am with the UK Government on this, since throwing money at a scientific project that studies the mating habits of the lesser spotted red beetle (I made that up), which will end up in a forgettable scientific journal a dozen people will ever read is dumb.  If I have a pot of money and I say to the scientist go and find a way to stop blue whales being killed by shipping collisions, that is a practical use of resources.

Some of my business customers read the Liberated Way blog.  One of my customers questioned how the Liberated Way impacts my business.  I would say that the Liberated Way has a direct impact on how I work with my customers, for I argue that philosophy should have a practical purpose, knowledge that you can apply in practical ways to your life.


When I talk about being a bridge to others, I mean by providing knowledge, or opportunities where insight may be obtained.  I have a number of business products and services to provide this illumination and revelation; but I won’t carry anyone across the bridge, that is I will not babysit, force or trick anyone; it is down to them to cross the bridge through their own choice and activity, based on the knowledge provided.

Trade Contract

Both sides bring to the table something of immediate value to the other, and leave the table a winner.  No trade contract, no deal.


Corporates are so large they work against the self, people and nature.  I try to avoid dealing with corporations in favour of small or medium local and independent traders. I for instance place all my orders for books through the Colchester independent bookshop Red Lion Book Shop, and never to Amazon. I may pay a bit more, I don’t care.  I like to sell direct to the consumer, and avoid the corporate middlemen like big high street retail giants.

Useful products

The capitalist and consumer ideal is to sell complicated, useless, breakable garbage.  Any product and service I put to market is beautiful, useful and will be treasured.

In conclusion

The Liberated Way, the many ideas I put out on this blog, is being applied to my business.  If I have any issues with a business customer it is more likely down to personality, a difference of modus operandi, or I am limited on resources to carry that business project; it won’t be due to a failure of applying Liberated Way philosophy.


3 responses to “Philosophy should be useful to life

  1. What kind of business are you in, Alex?

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