The illusion of the banking system

Eventually even rainbows fade.

I watch the Greek economic crisis with interest, even though the sums of money in play are small in comparison to the debts of other nations, what happens in Greece will be a game changer for everyone.

For decades nation, business and individual have been living in a world of rainbows and unicorns.  Everyone was financing their needs on debt; their success stories was achieved based on debt; their pretend world financed on debt was good, never mind the prospect of the debt increasing, or the requirement to pay it back.  Everyone played their tricks and games like children try to change the rules of a game to favour themselves, and it worked for a while.  But then the debt reached that point that everyone ran out of tricks, and the debt was too large to pay off.

Unicorns became black fire-breathing dragons, and rainbows became tornadoes, la-la land became a nightmare for all.  Greece was caught with its pants down, it had to swallow its pride and beg like any homeless person for money.  The problem was that everyone else was up to the same tricks Greece had been caught out on.  The banking system is a vast fraud, not only trading in money (an empty product) but trading in empty air, of debt.  What the bankers have been trading with each other is financial debt, it is negative value, anti-money.

The panic is not so much about Greece defaulting as that Greece is going to blow the cover on the whole global fraud.  Greece has no more tricks to play; the new word is austerity; to play the game Greece must invent new poker counters by starving its people of jobs, food, services and everything that the Greek citizen considers gives them integrity.  The pain is too much, and the Greek people won’t play the game anymore, they are turning violent, and civil war is a distant possibility.  The game is up, for civil war is the spin-off from too much austerity; but also a nation becomes too broken to be able to be solvent  because all the resources that could help it back on its feet are sucked out to play the bankers game.

The game is over, Greece is going to leave the poker table by exiting the bankers game.  Greece will provide the pattern, the example that other nations will follow.  One by one nations will exit the game, and the global banking system and their fraud will totally collapse.


7 responses to “The illusion of the banking system

  1. Here is the best part. Give them another 10 years, and they will be going on the same limbo ride all over again. It might not be Greece the next time though….

    ~ E

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