Three pointers for a good blog

A blogger wrote five things that they aspire to as a blogger, though I shall just give three.

Blogging is an ongoing conversation

The successful blog strikes up a conversation with the reader, it becomes an ongoing relationship over weeks, months and perhaps years.  I have my fave blogs I read, and my blog is on the list of some bloggers too.

If you are visiting, you like that blog, “like” and comment.  If you get comments, reply to them.  Two irritations for me on commenting:

  1. Being rude.  I left a comment, and the blogger did not like it, they said that I no longer “amused them” and to “shoo”.  I was irritated to be treated like a pet dog, so they lost a follower.
  2. Not commenting. For two weeks I commented on the blog of one person, and they blogged near every day.  One problem was they never replied to my comments, I eventually unfollowed.

Ego appears to act as a barrier to developing a relationship with the reader, thus if the blogger pays attention to how they convey their conversation with the reader, and how they treat them, they will be on the way to a successful blog.  “Ego” blogs are those where you are talking to yourself in the mirror, the “conversation” blogs are the ones you are talking to people in the room.

Active blogs

A pet peeve of mine is inactive blogs, those blogs that are interesting and the blogger stops blogging, or is so irregular you don’t know when the next blog will be.  Be active, let people know how regular you will blog, and keep to that pattern.

Long blogs

I see a blog with lots of chunky text, *gulp*… which is a bit like coming to the gate to deliver a parcel and seeing a large angry dog on the other side.  Remember, people sacrifice time from their busy lives to read your blogs.  The standard length some people recommend for a blog is around 300 words.  Many won’t read a blog with lots of text.  Break blogs up with short paragraphs, headings, images, lists; anything to make a blog easy to read.


24 responses to “Three pointers for a good blog

  1. Nailed it (again) Alex

  2. But Alex…I like my longer entry. 🙂 I do agree with your point.

  3. I see blogs like people…endlessly diverse with many different needs, skills, strengths and weaknesses…

  4. Thanks for the ‘wake up call’.

  5. Thanks, Alex. This is very helpful advice for us newer bloggers.
    ~ Paul

  6. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] That was a nice post, Alex.

    I usually try my best where blogs are concerned.

  7. Fine advice Alex! I will try and put it into practice. Thanx.

  8. Excellent, Alex. Though I’m guilty of writing a couple of longer (more than 300 words) posts, we, as people who craft with words, should be able to say succinctly, what is at the forefront of our minds. If there’s more to say, then additional posts to follow, seems quite appropriate and even exciting, I should think, for the writer, and the reader!

  9. You make very good points here and I have to say I agree. I feel guilty about not finding the time to read EVERYONE who follows me. It is much easier to respond to a comment someone has left behind. I do try to set aside some time on a daily basis to visit a few blogs, but I too tend to read my favorites blogs or the ones who read and respond to me on a regular basis. Good tips for all of us bloggers to follow.

    • Hi Nae, yes, I have the same limits on my time. I take time to check out all my followers over time, but certainly I am unable to do so every day. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Of course everyone writes for different reasons, though. And “selfish” “mirror” sites aren’t always bad. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the comments. Many blogs truly are journals of sorts, and not necesarily professional entities.

    • Hi 2kdb2, it does depend upon the needs of the individual blogger as you say, but the pointers will assist in building a loyal readership if they are expressed in the blog.

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