Responsibility and Practical Wisdom

Responsible action with a dose of practical wisdom.

As we all come from, and share, a common planet, there is a responsibility to all of life on earth in all our actions.  When we stay in the home of a friend, it is reasonable to say we won’t ruin their home or life during the time we are staying; if this happens then someone has made a bad choice in friends.

Before action I like to ask three questions: how will this action impact me, others, nature? If an action has adverse impact on self, others and nature, is it responsible to consider an alternative action?

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to come into a business project involving conservation of an ancient wood outside of Colchester.  The individual who was to run the project wanted to purchase a car so that they could transport items around the wood, and pull heavy logs.  I objected to the car, as I had done my impact questioning.

  • The oil, gasoline, will pollute the atmosphere, the ground and the water in the wood.
  • The car noise will disturb and distress wildlife.
  • The travels of the car will destroy plants and kill animals in the wood.
  • The car will leave unpleasant smells upon the ground and in the air of oil, gasoline and rubber that interferes with scent trails of the wildlife; and who wants to stick their nose into these types of smells? not me, so not animals.

I looked for an alternative to the car.  Practical wisdom can be applied to such problems, and I proposed the use of horses as a method of transport, and to pull logs.  For larger logs, the giant shire horses could be used.


9 responses to “Responsibility and Practical Wisdom

  1. I am often distressed about how so many people seem to care so little about the environment. I have chosen to live green for this very reason. I don’t drive, I will never have children, and have recently made the transition to vegetarian.. It is horrifying what animals are put through on factory farms and brings me to tears to think about it. I wish everyone would think more about the carbon footprints they are leaving behind, get some exercise and quit using the vehicle just to get from A to B, stop punishing animals, they have done nothing to deserve this, Be clean and responsible.

    • I agree, it is people like you by doing the actions you are doing who will set the example that others will follow. All we have to do is change our own lives, and our example acts as a ripple of change on the actions of other people.

  2. Well done Mr. Jones, I like how much consideration you gave nature in this decision.

    James, have you ever studied plants? Did you know they have memories and intelligence as well? Few people stop to consider the horrible exploitation and lack of respect these beings get. They are genetically modified and patented; people care Way to little about whether they live or die; and few realize the immense potential behind their medicine. I wonder about the point behind treating animals with respect, yet disregarding plants as anything worthy of the same. I agree that the industrial age has brought with it horrible atrocities to our farming of animals, but I ask people to see the horrible atrocities it has brought on the plant kingdom too. Whether you eat plants or animals, or both, respect is what’s necessary. It’s just as important to know how your plants are farmed as it is your animals.

    • Genetic modification of plants is a dangerous and stupid activity by man. Fortunately local councils like where I live are against GM farming. Thanks for your comment.

      • Your welcome, thanks for writing stuff! Haha. Where I live we have to do extensive research to find out who adds GM ingredients and who doesn’t. Even some so called organic companies use them. It’s irritating.

      • The problem with GM plants is that despite all human controls nature will always find a away to evade them and escape into the wider world. The only sure method to keep GM plants from having an impact is to never grow them.

      • Agreed. It’s a shame there’s so much money in it…

    • These thoughts about plants have occured to me. It does make me sad to see a plant that has been so neglected and allowed to wither away, and I would rather gnaw off my own leg than eat anything animal or plant from the fast food industry. The direction I should be going with this is to grow my own food, making sure it is well cared for, no doubt a difficult and time-consuming project.. Oh well, one step at a time. It is only recently that I have given up all meat, It’s been ages since i’ve eaten pork or beef or chicken, really it was just tuna i just dropped, and now i’m finding it is a lot easier to go vegetarian than a full blown vegan, which is what my conscience is demanding of me. I don’t know how my cat is going to respond to the vegan diet either. Point is when I have made the complete transition into the vegan lifestyle I will definitely pursue this even further.

      • Make sure you have proper supplements, there are many vitamin deficiencies that occur with a vegan lifestyle.

        Growing your own food is indeed a worthy endeavor, but all you really need do is find a good farmer or farmer co-op and support them, and don’t forget about the trees! I’ll take a forest over a building and concrete anyday.

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