The challenge of those whose spirit is broken or are asleep

Often I consider how to assist those that are asleep, or those that have given up hope. 

The  sleepers

These are the majority, who I can best describe as being asleep, the living dead, who merely exist.  These people are separated from themselves, from their fellows and from nature.  They have given choice to others who do their thinking for them; they are never living in the moment; they are irresponsible, parasitic and lack practical wisdom.  Such people can be rich or poor, powerful or lowly, but they are shallow empty human beings, living always in their heads.

I ask, how can I awake these people? I can’t; they are blind and deaf.  Only when they shipwreck upon the rocks of life will there be hope they awake long enough to make a choice to do something better with their lives, or fall back to sleep.

Those that gave up hope

A human being can only take so much punishment in life, then their spirit is broken.  These people end up homeless, in mental institutions, in jail.  Life has been harsh, and the sad thing is most of them are asleep too.  A reader of my blogs made a comment that these “underclass” are beyond hope; I would like to think there is always a potential in all human beings to be able to rise above the misfortunes in life; but sadly this person is right, these “underclass” have been broken, the fire has gone out.

My approach

Is there an answer? But there are no answers; just one of these human beings would take a vast amount of resources to assist directly, and then the chances are high of failure.  So I take a detached point of view, all I can do is share practical wisdom with others, build bridges, and perhaps one of those individuals will see the bridge and will walk across it.


9 responses to “The challenge of those whose spirit is broken or are asleep

  1. thetaoistnurse

    Wow that hits a strong chord with me.

  2. It seems like You and I tried the same thing. A few years ago we had a small group of three. We tried to add others but we almost always failed. Eventually we gave up and the other two who were with me went back to sleep. Not the sheep herd sleep but they just don’t care anymore. They are waiting for something monumental to happen so they can join in on that but they do not realize that it’s us who hold the power to create something monumental.
    Currently my partner is one of these people who have great potential. I have to tell you that it is extremely time consuming to assist someone not even mentioning how hard it is to start resonating at the same frequency.

    Also I have a different point of view. There is no way to wake up a lot of people with active intervention so instead I chose one person I like and I see the post potential within. Then I try everything I know and am capable of to wake up that person. This has a higher success rate and in my opinion I think it’s a better standpoint.

    I think this is a very valuable passage that You have posted because it addresses sleepers and actives alike.

    Have a great day,


    • Thanks rhaunim for your comment. I agree you can make a difference by throwing resources at one individual, and that does work, though it must be someone you really care about in my opinion.

    • I can’t tell you how many times I have seen these people without the abilty to make choices turn to religion, especially christianity waiting endlessly for their god to help them instead of taking matters into their own hands, which is something I came to realize they are incapable of doing. There is no higher power than the self.

      • Hi James, although no fan of religion myself, it is usually these religions who offer the hand of friendship to the “underclass” whilst the majority of humanity seems to pretend they do not exist. Sometimes religion offers a route by which the broken human being can find their feet again.

      • Yes, I suppose I will have to grudgingly acknowledge that.

  3. You have great clarity my friend! You see from multiple angles. I am impressed!

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