Do you take things for granted?

People have the habit of taking things for granted.

My internet connection has been restored.  The reason for the loss of connection was my virus software; I thought it was my ISP.  No more visits to an internet cafe, for now.

People can only appreciate the value of something when they lose it.  Often, we take things for granted, and only when it vanishes do we really feel the loss.  An internet connection is important to me for many reasons, my business, this blog, research.  It has been a pain in the bum these last few days without an internet connection.

To really appreciate something try to go without it for a period of time.  If people take you for granted, see if you can be unavailable to them for a short period, and this may make them wiser to your value.


12 responses to “Do you take things for granted?

  1. “If people take you for granted, see if you can be unavailable to them for a short period, and this may make them wiser to your value.”

    that sounds potentially rather manipulative if done without clear understanding. Disappearing if one has made a commitment isn’t so cool…and if it’s done with malice in ones heart it would be counter productive. I think it’s better to cultivate gratitude in oneself for others, rather than trying to impose it on others through such action.

    otherwise, agreed, people tend to take much for granted.

    especially when it comes to being healthy…being chronically ill is quite the amazing spiritual teacher…so much is taken but when it starts coming back it’s like a new world where nothing is ever taken for granted again…the beauty of the harsh teacher, illness.

  2. This is a great example of something I’ve been trying to write a post about. I read an article about a study into change and appreciation that asked people to measure their happiness, at one point in time, then again 3 months later. The findings suggested that most people measured their own happiness as being higher when new things came into their lives. Those who were ‘less happy’ 3 months later had grown accustomed to the new things that made them happy, (and were taking them for granted) whereas those who still scored their happiness highly were still appreciating them. That was about the gist of it anyway…

    • Perhaps one way to be happier is to keep life fresh by doing new things, making changes each day, and doing an activity in a slightly new way each time it is done.

  3. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I am pleased to know that you got your internet connection back.

    If you had a smartphone like me, you could of used it as your back up.

  4. You make a good point in this post.
    BTW, do you know the exact problem caused by your software, or anything that might help others avoid the same difficulty?

    • My Kaspersky virus software blocked all my access to the internet. The reason may be because I turned off its automatic update feature, which caused it to declare after a while its virus database obsolete, and to default to block all access.

  5. Well, I, for one, am glad to have you back. I am glad you the access back.

  6. I’ll take the last few sentences in consideration. I always try step back if I know I have something wonderful regardless whether it’s a material or inner value. It is important to me that I can truly appreciate what I have so I always try to evaluate realistically. Though once in a while we always make the mistake of either under- or over- evaluating things.

    You have a really important point here.


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