From acorns grow oak trees

Ideas are like acorns, given attention they will grow into oak trees.

Colchester is my home town, a place that without much planning is becoming a magnet for artists and creative talent.  Any acorn that lands upon the ground has a need to germinate, grow and then reproduce.  One acorn becomes an oak tree, that can easily become a forest of oaks.  This is what is happening in Colchester as artists attract other artists, attract money and artistic facilities.  I don’t think this success in Colchester was planned, it just happened, and it started with just one acorn.

As I visited various artistic outposts in Colchester I was also gathering little acorns, those ideas that would benefit my business.  There was a source of “Mercury” key rings, something I could sell on for three times the price; the complaint of a customer at the tourist shop of lack of images of Castle Park, a void in the market I could address; and the talented Rastafarian who sang his heart out as he painted an image of a dog, one who would get a commission from me for some artwork.

Every idea is an acorn that with loving attention we can turn into oak trees to benefit us and the world at large. From one acorn a forest of oak trees can emerge.


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