Do you have people you can bounce ideas off?

Consulting others provides a reality check to filter out bad ideas.

An artist has produced four designs as a logo for the Liberated Way blog.  They are all good designs, by a great artist based in Colchester. I had my favoured design, but then I went off to consult with a friend, and then I changed my choice based on their feedback.

Having someone you can bounce ideas off is useful.  You can often be blinkered and make a bad choice.  A friend who can tell you that your idea is crap is a useful friend to have, for they can offer a reality check, or at least an opportunity to reevaluate the idea.   A friend who can offer alternative ideas, or suggestions to improve an idea is a rare gem.

There is however an element of wisdom required for selecting this type of friend to give you feedback on ideas:

  1. Avoid someone you are in conflict with, they are more likely to trip you up and sabotage you.
  2. Avoid the “yes” people; you want someone who can tell it to you straight, the truth that the idea is bad or can be improved.
  3. In specialist problems it is better to consult someone with practical experience of the thing being consulted upon.

Lastly, a child can provide a useful fresh insight too.


3 responses to “Do you have people you can bounce ideas off?

  1. I had great ideas with writing my graphic novel that i am about to begin. After discussing it with my friends i ended up with something totally new! So yeah i have someone to bouce ideas off…

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