Strife is a part of Life

Life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

Today has been poo. I won’t bore you with the details of my woe, though this is one of those days that if something goes wrong it goes badly wrong.  Thus is the subject of my blog: strife is a part of life.

I lurk and read many blogs on WordPress, and many are those who also have their days of woe, some are unfortunately afflicted with a constant stream of woe.

Philosophy has helped to reveal the hard truth of reality to me that strife is a part of life, the small print that we may have missed to read when we signed up for this roller coaster ride of life : “you will suffer lots of strife”, which is just before another titbit they never told you about when you are born: “you agree when being born that you will die”.

Heraclitus was my first encounter with a philosophy that identified strife as being part of living, he said “Strife is Justice”, meaning in terms of “Justice” that strife results in a becoming, that in order to grow and “become” we need strife.

Celtic philosophy was the next up to tell me their idea of strife, there is a popular archetype amongst the Celts called Cernunnos who represents the solar year; Cernunnos has his winter and summer side, expressed as a snake with a head of a ram.  The ram-headed snake represents strife (ram) and creativity (snake), and work in sync to bring about creation through strife.  In the Celtic mind nothing will grow or change without strife being present.

Going deeper into the Ice Age, there is the poor Bison who is always in the cave man symbols getting spears thrown at him.  Bison represents abundance to cave man, who thinks by killing Bison that the abundance will be released in the form of food, tools and clothing; but also in all aspects of prosperity for cave man.  Bison evolves into the Bull later, killed by Mithras to initiate a new year of creative life; a tradition echoed in modern-day Spanish bull fighting.   Bisons and bulls are the honoured subject of the release of creativity through the strife of their destruction.

Thats three different philosophies telling me the same thing, strife is life; strife is needed to grow and create.  Thus on the ocean of life, hopefully we have a destination to sail towards, but this ocean will have its stormy moments.  The answer to the storms of life, the strife, the poop, is to batten down the hatches and sail the storm like any good sailor.  Accept strife is a part of living, and then sail through the storm to calmer waters.  Strife can only make you grow.


5 responses to “Strife is a part of Life

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not having the best of times currently but I’m glad that you’re dealing with it in such a healthy and positive manner. Philosophy is such a beautiful tool and it is so sad to see that it does not get utilized as much as it should. Cheers.

    • Hi Tafacory, Philosophy has had a positive impact in my life, and I hope one day many others will recognise what a wonderful tool philosophy is if used well. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Tomorrow’s another day. 🙂

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