The epical work of Woodkid

Woodkid aka Yoann Lemoine is starting to draw attention to his creative epic talent.

In 2011 Woodkid brought out his first of what is going to be a series of musical videos, all which are following a storyline, called Iron.

Woodkid has a personal logo which is the crossed keys, tattooed upon himself, and used in all his work, this comes out in his videos as representing something equivalent to liberty, creativity and life.  In Iron there is a struggle going on between the champions of the crossed keys and a sinister tower, which has something to do with the darker aspects of society (control, enslavement, wasteland), and apparently this faceless tower crushes the champions in battle.  At the end of Iron is a boy, who is a different face from the original woman who is lying in state as if dead, though the effects around the boy is indicating that he is about to “awaken”.

“I wanted something very organic and woody, in opposition to the city that was very cold and mineral.” : Woodkid

A few days ago the second video came out, which follows the story where it left off in Iron. The boy seen in Iron has escaped from the tower, and is running away.  The boy is surrounded with totemic ravens or crows, a symbol I recognise from Celtic mythology.  The boy trips up, then archetypal creatures that I recognise also from Celtic myth with goat-like and ibex-like heads emerge to assist him, pulls him back on his feet and sends him forward; arms him with sword, shield and helmet of Viking type; the sword that looks wooden to symbolise imagination.  As the boy moves forward, the archetypes multiply, followed by the giant tree-like archetypes, and a great ship.  The boy emerges from a frightened upset state to one of empowerment and joy as he reaches the city of the crossed keys ( a type of dream realised or paradise).


12 responses to “The epical work of Woodkid

  1. A curious subject that will be bringing me back for another round to watch these.

  2. Wow!!!! They are very good aren’t they!? And there is so much in them as well.

  3. Thanks for pointing me to this post Alex. Love the clips (even with dark undercurrent)…

  4. Too bad that’s not a tower at the end of “Iron.” It’s the Mormon temple in Bern, Switzerland. And that same temple starts out “Run Boy Run.” Oh, and don’t forget the eye of horeb tattoo, the incomplete 666, the owl, the white horse of the apocalypse…man, you didn’t even scratch the surface on this one.

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