Having focus

With focus you achieve more.

How many balls can you juggle? I can juggle two balls, but I have to concentrate and I will still do it badly.

My opinion is that multitasking is a fiction. The brain is good at focusing on one task, but only capable of doing other tasks if it does not have to think about the other tasks.Ā  To do a good job you need focus, and though I have tried to do other tasks at the same time, it goes wrong.Ā  Try cooking a meal and then concentrating on reading a book, you may remember you were cooking due to the smoke and smell of burning.

I have cleared all my tasks today to concentrate on an urgent matter.Ā  I figure if I give my full attention to this matter, I will stand a better chance of resolving it.

Do you consider yourself a multitasker? Is focus better than trying to juggle more than one activity at the same time?


23 responses to “Having focus

  1. Very True.

  2. I find with the kids I have no choice but to multi-task, but with work etc.. i much prefer 2 focus on 1 job and do it well šŸ™‚

  3. I agree that focusing on one task will set your intentionality to completing that task. Thus, with the results you wish to have. Think about how you feel when you have a long to-do list. Your mind is scrambling.

  4. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Yes, focus is an important factor when it comes to doing things effectively.

  5. Seems like I always have too many things to do. It’s funny how the harder I work at them the longer the list gets. The more my time is constantly demanded by so many different things, the more scattered and frightened I become. The old me of many years ago would have quickly given up. Nowadays, although I know I won’t quit, i’m more worried about collapsing under it all. When I can work long and hard at just a few different tasks is when i’m at my best, unfortunately it is rarely an option anymore.

  6. Yes, the brain does one thing at a time. In ‘multitasking’, it is actually flicking from one thing to another very quickly, so it seems that several things are being done simultaneously whereas you are really doing bits of several things all interleaved with each other. It’s an illusion similar to a movie, which is just a series of still frames. Do one thing if you want to do it well.

  7. Perhaps your first question was rhetorical, but I’ll let you know from experience (I was an entertainer for 10 years) that juggling two balls is more difficult (if done in one hand) than juggling with three balls, which anyone can do. šŸ˜€
    I think one can easily do several mundane things sequentially, or one within the other, so to speak. However, when I’m working on one of my paper sculptures or writing, I might look out the window, from time to time, or away from my work, but in general, focus will bring more quality to our tasks or efforts.

  8. You can learn how to do it in a matter of minutes. Doing it, is another thing! Use something that doesn’t roll, like beanbags, or over a bed or couch. You can readily find the how to on the internet. It’s a very cool thing to do and even with three balls, or other objects, you can continually challenge yourself and have fun doing it. There’s even juggling by bouncing the balls, first, before they end up in the air. I found that a bit more challenging!

  9. Multitasking is the key to success in mediocre outcomes in all endeavors attempted. Those companies [or entrepreneurs] who advocate employees routinely engage in such practices will never rise to the top tier; especially in arenas where creativity and innovation are critical to success in a competitive field.

  10. how then do you manage to keep up with most of your other websites Mr Jones? i for one was quite impressed at your multitasking when you revealed your identity, seeing that you have quite a bit that you fight for and against, how is it that you came to write this article? does all of the tasks sometimes get to you?

  11. Multitasking is really fictional!

    I believe people who multitask are not humans, they are closer to being an android..

    • moreover.. i think multitasking is not possible in separate genre of activities.. In the same genre of activity u can multitask. For eg: while playing the guitar, i have to focus on my left hand positions, my right hand rythms, timing, the drum pattern, bass pattern and the vocal tune.. but i can’t play the guitar and talk and watch tv and eat!!
      So, reading a book and cooking is difficult but cooking while cutting vegetables, monitoring the oven, pouring drinks in a glass and laying the spread is possible.. Only computers can multitask between separate genre of activities.

      • Your observation that multitasking is for “an android” is on the mark. I think multitasking is a fiction as you say. I have a follow up blog planned on this today. The key word I think is “attention”, for you can only give attention to one thing.

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