The Princess who climbed a tree and became a Queen

A happy Britain emerges to celebrate a great occasion.

1952 and a princess was in Kenya climbing trees when news broke of the death of her father the King, climbing down from the tree a new Queen emerged as Queen Elizabeth II.

For the last four days the people of the United Kingdom have forgotten the gloom and crisis of the nation in the joy of celebration of a Diamond Jubilee of sixty years of a reign of our Queen, now aged 86 years-old, and who no doubt will reign for many more years to come.Ā  Only Queen Victoria has equaled this length of a reign. It is great to see a happy people, the community spirit, the sense of togetherness over this long weekend.

In Colchester all around me streets have been closed off as they hold street parties.Ā  The last street party celebration was in 2011 to mark the royal wedding of Prince William; then people will have to look back over 30 years to 1981 (Prince and Princess of Wales Wedding) and to 1977 (Queens Silver Jubilee).

Even nature appears to celebrate the occasion with a rainbow.


7 responses to “The Princess who climbed a tree and became a Queen

  1. thesubterraneanworld

    What a beautiful post! The added beauty is the splendid picture Alex!
    Keep it Up!

  2. Full moon, transit of Venus, what a day to celebrate a jubilee!

  3. Lovely picture. Great day!

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