Seize the moment!

Opportunities won’t wait, make the most of them.

The world and the cosmos is always in motion, and will throw up opportunities that should be seized as soon as they manifest, for they won’t hang around waiting for you.

This evening a number of vintage aircraft were swooping over my house, in what appeared to be an unadvertised air display in the area.  Since I am learning to photograph, I grabbed my camera and made the most of the opportunity on my own doorstep to photograph some of the aerial activity going on.

Military helicopters straight outside my door.















Military helicopters about to vanish over my house.

















This aircraft unleashed streamers and parachutists.























What appeared to be two streamers were released by the aircraft.






















Parachutists with coloured smoke jumped from the aircraft.






















This parachutist carries the colours of the Colchester Parachute Regiment.




2 responses to “Seize the moment!

  1. I love photography and you do not disappoint, such cool pictures.

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