Giving attention

You can only focus by giving attention to one thing well.

The comments made to my recent blog about focus gave me food for thought, this is a follow-up blog to those comments.

There are of course jugglers out there who can juggle many balls, and some make good money from it; however, it is an activity that requires attention, and I am sure it would be hard to juggle balls and drive a car safely.  The key word here is “attention”.

I admire those people who look after children, for children are like butterflies, rapidly swinging from one subject to another, which requires for the care giver a great deal of patience and attention.  As was pointed out in some comments on the focus blog the multitasking is an illusion, for what happens is the multitasker is good at the rapid switches of attention from one activity to another, as is needed for children.  You are only able to give attention to one activity at a time well.

In two activities, one activity one may do as like a robot, it is unthinking and automatic, such as breathing; but the primary activity, such as I writing this blog requires attention.  Three activities at once would contribute to a brain meltdown for me, most likely for everyone else.

The ideal therefore is to give 100% attention to one activity at a time in life, and thus to simplify and reduce the number of demands for our attention is important to get the most out of life.  For the record my recent focus on one activity over two days was a success.


4 responses to “Giving attention

  1. makes much more sense now bro… thanks

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