Now on Twitter, but goodbye social forums

Social forums offer no practical value.

Thanks to Woodkid, whose work I am now following, I gave Twitter another shot.

What I like about the WordPress community is that it is an ongoing dynamic relationship of people sharing a common goal.  Those that put in the effort to run a blog have a certain quality that sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill personalities that fill social forums such as Facebook with the trivial and the brain-dead, which is food to WordPress blogs like Why Oh Why Facebook?

I bailed out of the last social forum that I still was a member of by deleting my account last week.  Social forums, the sort like Facebook or online forums, means you have to mix with the trolls, the stupid, the haters, plus all the trouble they bring along.  With places like, and to a certain extent Twitter, you can control all that nonsense.  In social forums you do not have much creative control over your contributions, nor over your privacy.  I still am unable to figure what people find is so appealing about Facebook.

I have run a recent trial on Twitter with another account, which proved useful on the networking front.  I have noticed that some WordPress bloggers also use Twitter to good effect.  I like to network with like-minded people so I figure Twitter will enhance that experience.

I like Twitter that it still supports personal privacy, and is especially protective of personal information against government attempts to gather information, and to censor information.  I dislike the trivia along the lines of “I am having a pizza tonight” (yes, my life was enhanced by this useless knowledge of you having a pizza).   Overall, networking wise Twitter may show potential.


14 responses to “Now on Twitter, but goodbye social forums

  1. I’ve also found that WordPress is where I have the most interaction, which was not something I expected when I started the blog! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it here! I’m also on twitter, which I find really useful for finding great links posted by people I follow. I’m there as @nebankh

  2. I recently deactivated my third and final FB account, and all three experiences were identical to what you describe. Droll, mundane and boring. I would attempt to enlighten “friends” and “family” with the gmo labeling movement here in California, the state of big-ag, the FDA and our government support, or the proper care and feeding of rabbits, etc… No one cared, commented or paid attention. I even sent over my blogs, asked for comments, readers, opinions and got none.
    I don’t care if someone went shopping, takes another medication, or is going to a wedding next weekend.
    I keep a twitter account and haven’t used it, except to send my blog posts, and haven’t spent the time needed to develop a community there.
    So, how’s the juggling going? 🙂

    • Hi Seapunk2,Facebook in my opinion encourages narcissism, people too busy telling the world of the minutiae of their lives, with little care for other people.

      Juggling will be tried on a rainy and a less busy day 🙂

  3. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] For the record, it is possible to associate yourself with like-minded individuals on Facebook.

    Oh, I wrote a post about Twitter in the past, so you are aware of my views on it.

    WordPress by the way is excellent! The writers here exceeded my expectations.

    Thanks for another great post, Alex.

    • Hi Renard, no doubt one can find like-minded people on Facebook, but Twitter is better without the problems that are associated with the likes of Facebook.

  4. In my short time here, I have found a greater community of people who understand what it is that I am saying. Even before reading this post, I have started to slowly remove myself from Facebook. I don’t see a need for it now that WordPress provides what I really need. thanks for the post, Alex.

  5. Alex, you’re crabby today. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, live and let live, etc. WordPress is great, lets me write what I want, and those folks talking about pizza likely wouldn’t find my blog entertaining. Don’t have a Facebook account, likely never will have. Not much social interaction in the forest, unless you count the cats and other wild life. Many people would detest this sort of life, but we’re all different. Free choice, eh?

  6. Well put! I too have a similar opinion of the sleeping masses on facebook. I sometimes have an urge to unleash like you have done but not sure what it would acheive?

    I agree with the other comment ‘each to their own’ and this is why I am so thankful to have found WordPress. It seems that even tho there are lots of different interests, we all have a common understanding!

    Thanks for another helpful post 🙂


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