The “completely unemployable” man

The sort of person unlikely to excite me is this person reported in the Daily Mail.

As a potential employer there are a number of issues I have with “Mark” in the news article, where he does himself no favours.  Firstly, qualifications increasingly are worth less than they were in former days, against experience, skills and intelligence, at least to people like me.

Obvious mentalist error is to create a negative affirmation “completely unemployable”, as that pattern hits the mind of the user and the potential employer as a self affirming prophecy.

Getting himself in the newspaper is good, but what about the image he wants to present? He failed to think about that, and his photo speaks for itself.

Being qualified does not make a thinker, in some ways the modern education system does the reverse.  I would not employ this individual in my opinion because he is not showing creativity, intelligence or practical wisdom in finding a job; three critical things I would look for as an employer.  The basic advice of career advisors is to shove everything onto a resume and send it out en mass to hundreds of potential employers in the off-chance they catch interest; this is a dumb-ass approach.

Employers have specific needs in mind, a pattern of certain skills and experience for a position, they get thousands of resumes, and move fast to filter out anything that won’t match the pattern.  “Mark” had he had the sense should be targeting his resume to the needs of the employer, which is to work out what is needed for the job and leaving out, highlighting and adapting his resume to fit the required pattern.  I am one of those who dislike approaches from anyone who has failed to do their homework on what I need.

Seeking employment is no different to me marketing my business products or services to a potential customer, I never go in blind, I do my research, then I tailor my sales pitch to addressing the needs of the customer; I also have a brand, a specific image I convey at all times as part of the marketing.

Sadly for “Mark” at 52 years of age, he has a lot to learn about marketing himself.


14 responses to “The “completely unemployable” man

  1. thesubterraneanworld

    Now this was one post beneficial for people at all ages. We actually misunderstand the worth of how important it is to make THAT FIRST IMPRESSION and people who think that their stunning degrees would do that job then let me tell you, no degree is stuck on your face as a label but it is YOU who have to show your potential through your efforts!
    Anyways, last paragraph was the soul to the article! Great work Alex!

    • Your are right Naima, first impressions are so important, and qualifications won’t today be an automatic golden ticket to a good job. People could study the basics of marketing and branding to quickly develop an edge in the job hunting market.

      • thesubterraneanworld

        I absolutely agree with you! Thank you Alex for sharing, I really feel glad where posts are there to save us from falling off the cliff to mess up with the running life!!
        Well, my DANDELION AWARD definitely goes to you!!! LOL 😉

      • These sort of posts I hope will show a hard reality, but also an answer to that reality. Some people will be upset with this method, as it challenges some delusions some will carry, but I hope the majority will find this useful.

      • thesubterraneanworld

        Eve the ones who will be upset about the content, at the end of day will have to surrender in front of the reality of life!
        Thank you for sharing Alex!! Double Thumbs Up!!! 🙂

  2. Poor Mark, many employers don’t know what they want, they recruit foreigners from agencies, scared of having to, heaven forbid, give out a contract to someone they might not be best friends with.

    Another good post Alex.

    • There is plenty of useful advice amongst the 400+ comments in that newspaper article for “Mark” to read, which is an opportunity for him to succeed if he adopts them.

  3. Excellent post! I have some “black marks” from my old life, and knew I had to market myself to the best of my abilities, and try every approach no matter how far fetched, and in the end it landed me a job. I knew I had to give someone a real reason to hire me, and appearance is a big one, so I kept myself superbly fit, I offered to work for free for a while, put photos on some of the resumes, and many’other abnormal approaches. Lateral thinking is the key to a lot of problems. Sometimes the most ridiculous approach is the one that pays off in the end. This guy just screams “don’t hire me.”,

    • Hi James, well done on your successes. It is great to see people triumph over obstacles by using creativity and intelligence.

      • There is a lot of unemployment in this particular spot.Many of these people lack any creativity at all. They try the generic approach to everything over and over, without success, like going to AA expecting it alone to solve they’re drinking problem. In the meantime, while they’re unemployed they are not using any of the time to better themselves, make themselves more marketable, by exercising or doing some volunteer work, or heading to day labour at 4:30 every morning to prove they can be relied on to show up. It’s always amazed me how the ones who have so much more time on their hands are usually the ones who look so much worse than say the part time waitress and student who manages to keep a trim, attractive figure in spite of her busy schedule. many people do not understand creativity or the relationship between pain and success.

      • People with a goal or role in life are motivated to work towards success, those without goals have no focus or motivation.

  4. I was once told by the human resources department of a large company that I didn’t have the paper qualifications they were looking for, and that I was not what they were looking for. The next day I got a call from the manager of the department doing the actual work; he had seen my resume detailing many years of actual experience, and he hired me over the phone. Within a week or two I was training many of the “highly qualified” people who were hired along with me, a few of whom never did fully understand the job they were doing.

    • The problem with the large corporations is that the human resources are clueless about the needs of the departments they recruit for. It is ideal that the human resources department is eliminated and the departments that know what they need recruit directly instead.

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