Involving nature in our decisions

How does our actions impact nature? Should nature have a say in the decision-making?

Part of my garden I have allowed to grow wild. The wild part of the garden is full of what people would call weeds such as clover, poppies, dandelions.  Such wild areas would drive your average gardener nuts, for they like their gardens immaculate and weed free.

To wildlife wild areas like this is heaven. Bees have a love for dandelions and clover, which are hassle free abundant sources of nectar for their hives.  The butterflies and most insects love these places of food and cover, as do the spiders and the birds who live off the insects.  Small land mammals come along like hedgehogs to forage and live in the wild area too, and before long there is a party going on in the wild area.

It is sad to see so many gardeners making decisions without considering the wildlife.  Worse, some landowners prefer to concrete their gardens, and even go so far as to convert their lawns into artificial plastic grass.

Part of the problem in the decline of bee and bird populations is that gardens, at least in the UK, are increasingly becoming wildlife unfriendly.  The decline can be partly reversed if people include wildlife in their decision-making, to provide havens for them to exist in.  A wildlife friendly garden will attract the bees, butterflies and birds, which can only enhance the beauty and aliveness of a garden.


13 responses to “Involving nature in our decisions

  1. thesubterraneanworld

    I guess it is not only the problem of UK but the entire globe. Wild Life isn’t encouraged due to many factors, one of the factors why my father didn’t support the idea when proposed by my brother was that it would direct wild life to affect the human life and insects will get in to our houses causing us to go for the house vaccination over and over again to get rid of plenty of insects!
    I am personally not into gardening too much but who doesn’t like that lush green grass portraying serenity and calmness eh??
    A great post! Thank you for sharing.

    • I am sure you are right about this being a worldwide problem. Each individual can just by including nature in their decision making will make a small difference for nature.

      • thesubterraneanworld

        Certainly they will but more likely people don’t cherish the nature anymore, one unfortunate demerit of science and technology!

      • Agreed, every step forward in “progress” appears to increase the separation between humanity and nature.

  2. Yes, by all means let some nature into your life. The insects are fascinating. Such colours, such shapes! There’s nothing quite like having a butterfly or dragonfly come and sit on your finger. As far as the bugs getting into the house, never have had much problem with that, they like it outside better. I watched a whole colony of ants move house one day, totally amazing, particularly since I was the only one on the planet to see this house moving parade. Some would say, so what? but to me it was a rare privilege to see that. People kill the ants in their gardens without realizing that they eat other insects and their eggs.

  3. I have always like wild areas in gardens. To me they have their own beauty, which includes the insects and birds they attract.

  4. This is why the principle of permaculture is so helpful. Permaculture asks us to work with, rather than against, the land and the wildlife. A permaculture garden would create a yield for both humans and wildlife!

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