Snails and Starfish

We all can make a difference in our small way.

I was out in the rain Monday delivering my business flyers.  It appears this wet weather sparked a mass need to procreate amongst the snail populations as they swarmed out onto the pathways of Colchester.  The problem for the snails was being trodden on, a fact visible as I walked along.

The larger of the snails, perhaps a dozen, I picked up and moved to a safe place.  It seemed a pointless exercise as there were masses of them, and so many died under people’s feet.  This reminded me of the starfish story, of a boy who threw back starfish into the sea amongst thousands of them; when challenged why he bothered, the boy threw one starfish into the sea, and said he had made a difference for that one.


4 responses to “Snails and Starfish

  1. Yay… a few more snails saved!

  2. Reminds me of me, I was always moving earthworms off crowded paths and caterpillars off of jogging paths. (smiles)

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