The relationship between cats and autistic children

Some cats appear to take on a guardian role to some children.

Here is a story in the Daily Mail about a stray cat that encouraged an autistic four-year-old out of his “shell”.  The cat appeared to be watching over the autistic child and would offer him comfort when he became upset.

A second story two years earlier in the Daily Mail was of another stray cat that had adopted an autistic child.  When the autistic child went away to Egypt the cat vanished (perhaps looking for him), and all the progress made thanks to this cat, vanished with it.  The happy ending was that the cat was found.

A YouTube video shows the relationship between a cat and an autistic child, with the cat appearing to take a guardian role when the child is climbing up to a wall.  The cat appears also to be encouraging the child to get down from where he is climbing.

Finally, another YouTube video shows what appears to be the efforts of a cat protecting a child from a babysitter it thinks is a threat to the child.


15 responses to “The relationship between cats and autistic children

  1. thesubterraneanworld

    This is certainly a MAGICAL post, I will search more about it. Thank you for sharing it, Alex.

  2. Thanks, bro! Amazing! Cheers!

  3. Cats are the coolest animals. Many nursing homes have cats now, the residence just love them. They seem to give these elderly folks comfort.

    • It is a lonely existence for the elderly in Western nursing homes so I am sure cats help a lot.

      • In the nursing homes I’m acquainted with here in my area, the folks are rarely lonesome. They have many visitors, have many pass times, even the local musicians will go in to play for them, and some of their names are known around the world, but when they come home they’re just good Capers. Old folks are still important here, they have the stories. The kids from the schools also go in to sing for them, partly in English and partly in Gaelic.

      • Which part of the UK/Eire are these nursing homes located?

      • They are on Cape Breton Island, Canada. Home of world famous fiddlers, singers, dancers, and, yes, we still have Gaelic speakers.

      • Wow, I never thought of Celtic speakers so far away, apart from the Welsh in Patagonia.

      • Hmmm…………traditions die hard here. The Sky Boat song can have folks blubbering in seconds, although old Charlie was a nut case, and led them to their doom. However, they are spread all over the world now. Celtic anything is very popular everywhere.

      • The Celtic culture has a contagious quality about it.

      • I’ll say. First day I came here for a holiday, I wanted to stay forever. Which I did a few years later. Know lots of other folks that happened to, it’s that music, calls to your Celtic genes.

      • Celtic culture is addictive 🙂

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