Dandelion Award : to Lead.Learn.Live

The Dandelion Award is awarded to Lead.Learn.Live.

The Dandelion Award is my personal award that I make each Sunday to one blog which expresses five qualites.  The Dandelion Award comes with no strings attached, but highlights a quality blog, with a review and links to that blog.  The winner can display the Dandelion Award image if they wish to do so on their blog, and all winners are listed on the Dandelion Award page.

Lead.Learn.Live is run by David Kanigan under the description “Inspiration, Ideas & Information”,  David Kanigan says in his About for the reason he blogs:

“Why Blog?  I think Seth Godin captured my inspiration for blogging when he was asked why he blogged.  He said “if you are blogging for other people you are going to be disappointed…even if no one would read it, I would still blog…this is a great chance for me to clear my thoughts and put them into the world, what an opportunity.””

1 The blog is full of practical wisdom that can be used in life by the reader.

Lead.Learn.Live is like a tin box full of chocolates, you may grab a random chocolate, but often when you take a bite it comes with a surprise, and has the word awesome in the taste.  Once a tin box of chocolates is open, and if you are like me, you can’t wait to have another chocolate, this is a bit like the David Kanigan experience.

This blog is a Santa grotto of goodies that hits you like Mike Tyson, videos, images, quotes, and more.  You will be dazzled by one post, before another post comes out from another direction with a wow-factor that only blogs like this can deliver.  This may be a personal blog of David Kanigan awesomeness, but then a garden full of flowers is going to attract all the bees, and that is the way with this blog, a light shining practical wisdom on so many levels.  You can use this stuff, the inspiration, the wisdom, the knowledge that falls out at your feet as soon as you open this blog.  Just grab your notebook and be inspired.

2 The blog is inspirational, that makes me go “wow”.

Lead.Learn.Live has much wow factor.  I was inspired to write blogs based on what I read in that blog.  Every morning the first amongst the posts I read is those of David Kanigan.  If I am sleepy on a Monday, the sort of creature images that come at you out of the blog will get you wide awake.  There is wit, and humour in this blog.  I have been in laughter many times, more recently a graduation day post of one of his children.

3. The blog and its writing is well presented in a creative way.

The mix is full of wit, image, video, music.  Considerable effort and thought goes into this blog.  Apart from being a talented writer, David Kanigan is a talented photographer from a wide range of sources, including when he is out on his workouts.  Everything is clear and readable, and the organised chaos works well for this blog.

4. The blog is updated on a regular basis.

You get as many as three blogs a day of awesome.

5. The blog is developing a close relationship with its readers.

As WordPress blogs go that deal with philosophy this is a premier league blog of 1734 followers.  To attract this many followers requires a type of blog or individual who is exceptional.  Indeed David Kanigan is exceptional, since the level of his output, the number of comments he gets means he is putting a lot of effort into this blog.  Mostly all comments are answered, in addition David Kanigan is out there visiting, liking and commenting on lots of other WordPress blogs.  This is an example of a great blog that has developed a close relationship with its readers.


17 responses to “Dandelion Award : to Lead.Learn.Live

  1. Alex, I really like the idea of this award, and am considering a similar idea myself.

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  3. How lovely to see David’s blog recognized in this way! I know I look forward to each day’s posts….

  4. Hi Alex. Speaking about awards, I would like to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. If you would like to accept please view the link and follow the instructions http://fragmentsofragments.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  5. I enjoy David’s blog as well. He is so personable, like the neighbor I see in the parking lot each morning. At first we smile and exchange pleasantries until one day, when we are going nowhere in a hurry so we stop and talk and talk and talk…

  6. This is a wonderful award dedication to such a deserving person. I love David’s blog for the lessons, the laughs and the kindness in his words… I have never met David but he’ s the kind of person anyone can related to and it is a joy to read to see him celebrated for his works.

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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