Starving bees in the UK

My love of bees.

I love bees, they tick all the boxes for me.  It is sad to hear of an alert that went out in the UK that bees could starve in a period that is supposed to be a peak of activity and abundance for the bees.  The swing of climate, which is likely to last at least a hundred years, of rain and more rain for the UK apparently will add to the woes of bees along with all the other pressures.

I note as I go along in Colchester how bees move to take shelter as soon as it rains, and when we get episodes of a month of rain in one day, it is a nuisance for me, but devastating to bees.

All efforts to provide flowering plants that bees love to visit, that won’t be too much effort to harvest what they need is going to help hard pressed bees.

My dream is to purchase a lot of land, place the bee hives in the centre, plant fruit trees in fields around the hives, and vast quantities of the sort of flowers bees love.  In other words create a paradise for bees, with honey and fruit for me… and mead!


4 responses to “Starving bees in the UK

  1. Loving nature is loving our Self! 🙂

  2. I hope your dream to plant a bee meadow comes true, the bees will love it! 🙂

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