The importance of hope and dreams

Prosperity starts in the mind, but so does despair.

To control a person or people an authority will break their spirit.  To break the spirit of a person or people the authority will take away their hopes and dreams.

Native Americans show a conflicting face to the world, one of hope and dreams, the second of a wasteland of despair and hopelessness.

A harvest begins by ploughing the land, sowing the seed, giving attention to the growing crops; then prosperity comes in time through what is grown and reaped in that harvest.  Nature provides the sun, the rain and the fertility in the soil, we provide the work and the seed.  The seed is our hopes and dreams, the work is the practical wisdom and activity that goes into keeping our hopes and dreams alive, turning them into a reality.  We are the agents of our own success, and our own misfortune.

I am glad that some amongst the Native Americans hold onto their hopes and dreams, for this is the spark that can ignite a fire.


5 responses to “The importance of hope and dreams

  1. Sacred and mystical from the words of a children…

  2. What an enchanting video. Spending time in nature is really food for the soul.

    • That video was the bait that got me researching the Native American’s recently, and I had plenty of “wow” moments.

      We are a part of nature, it gives us life.

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