Why do you blog?

You got to love to blog and get something out of it to keep going.

I admire those bloggers who put so much energy into their blogs, such as the two current Dandelion Awarded blogs.  They love to write and share whatever their interest is with the world.

Deceased blogs

Today I went though some of the blogs I follow, those that appear to have not posted anything for several weeks.  Some of those WordPress blogs had been deleted, and others had gone inactive for more than two months.  I “unfollowed” from some blogs that had become deceased.

Easy start, easy failure

Blogs are easy to start, but hard to keep going.  I keep to at least one blog a day, but I hit rough patches of lack of time, writers block, or other block.  It is in those hard times when a blog can sink or swim, the blogger who had little motivation to blog anyway, easily gives up as their attention is captured by another activity.

Love and Share

It appears one secret of a good blog is that the writer is involved in a gainful activity, which they love to do, and the blog is the product of that activity where the writer shares their experiences with the world.  Often I read a blogger say the purpose of the blog was for their own benefit, but they “share” that benefit with their readers.

Birds and the Bees

I get immense pleasure from listening to the birds sing, and the bees buzzing amongst the flowers on a warm day.  Plainly the birds are not singing for my benefit, nor are the bees working their butt off for my entertainment; both birds and bees are involved in an activity for their own gain, but I benefit as a byproduct of their activity.  Like the birds and the bees, a blog done for the love of an activity, becomes a shared experience enjoyed by others, and that is the secret of the motivation of a blogger, and why readers love to read what they write.


20 responses to “Why do you blog?

  1. I completely understand you there,Alex. I do have an ideal that I ‘push ‘ on my blog, but the greatest writing I do, is really just written for myself, and it flows like a spring from the deep within me.

    • Hi myrthryn, I think many bloggers, me included, share a similar outlook as you. Thanks for your comment.

      • No problem. I have a friend who is trying to get a book published. He tells me straight up, if he likes something or not. Generally, his complaint is when he believes that I tried to hard to get something written. The things that he has liked the most flowed from me easily. Keep up the good work, my light bearing friend. I have people even more misunderstood than that following my blog. Hope to see you around.

  2. Well I think another aspect is that you have something that is valuable to you and you might also have a skill or ambition towards writing.

    So you do your “fiction” for your own benefit and between two bits of “fiction” you insert some info that has helped you to cope with something. I think the best blogs are alternating between self and public benefit and that is what creates a harmonic and successful blog.

    • I think you are right, there is a middle way between self-gain and sharing. I have come across blogs that are totally egotistical, ones that have commenting turned off, the postings on offer of little benefit to the reader.

  3. I read somewhere that new blogger typically burn out at three months. The novelty wears off, and they run out of things to say. New, interesting content is the challenge. Kind of like a relationship. Which it is!

    • Three months is about right from what I have seen.

      The good thing about a blog like yours is that your blogs spin off from your day to day activities, which in theory will always give you interesting content, especially true when animals and children are involved.

      • I, too, have an agenda that I’m passionate about. Some may see my blog as a journal of our family adventures, but that’s not my intention. My goal is to inspire others to get out and do the same. I’m sickened that children are spending more time inside using electronics and missing out on the fun and inspiration of outdoor play. And I fear for our future. If children today aren’t falling in love with nature, who will protect the planet in the future? The fear tactics aren’t helping. Children are actually growing up to feel even more disconnected from nature, feeling there’s nothing they can do to help the rain forests and disappearing animals, so why bother. I think the answer is love, not fear. OK… I’ll step off my soap box now!

      • I totally identify with your passion and concerns. I think what you are doing is awesome, and your sharing your experiences on your blog is going to encourage others to follow you in your footsteps. If I encounter people who have a similar interest as you on WordPress I send them your way.

  4. Hi Alex,

    I agree with you that Blogs are easy to start but hard to maintain. I have been working on mine for four years now. And the subject matter has shifted a few times.

    But I believe the real thing about writing is passion. It’s not only about writing, interest and sharing. Whatever you do becomes really really easy when you have passion (and preferably purpose).

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! And renewing my determination to keep my blog going. ^^

    ~ E

    • Passion and purpose, yes, these are so important to have in blogging, in fact in any activity to succeed. Thanks for your comment, and I am glad this post has been useful to others.

  5. Ditto! I’ve had a blog on blogspot for 3 yrs and just tsf to WP prior to our recent move to CO. I have LOTS of things to write about! 🙂

  6. I enjoyed reading this post, it concerned me at first that maybe I will run out of things to say, and my brand new 3 month old blog may die 😦 I have been talking my head off all my life and only through my darkest times have I run out of things to express (for a little while anyway). Although since I began blogging I find even in down times I am comforted by blogging. It’s like therapy for me. The rest of the time I simply want to share with others the things I am grateful to have learned in life’s experiences. I was greatly encouraged by this post when I read the reasons behind people who have successful blogs and keep going at it. I hope I will still be around in four years like The Cloud Chronicler. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree that blogs can be like therapy, a way of organising your ideas, whilst getting feedback from others. If a blog is linked in some manner to an activity in your life, it is unlikely you will ever run out of something to say as each new day in life brings its own unique events and story.

      • Thanks that helps alot. My writing is linked to the inner war we battle in life, I doubt that is going anywhere so I guess I will be here for a while afterall. Thanks again 🙂

  7. All my life I wanted to be a writer (I have about fifty novels in the work; Chapter One is complete on all of them……..) or a teacher (teacher didn’t pay enough to get me out of the poor household into which I was born). Blogging allows me to be a writer and a teacher, a photographer, a docent, an entertainer………….. This is fun!

  8. I write mostly for myself, but it is nice to have readers, too. I have a problem with wanting to be perfect and writing lengthy blog posts. I just need to stick to short posts, I think.

    • By reading other peoples blogs as you did here you will be able to see writing a blog from the readers point of view. Readers tend to read many blogs, and if blogs are always too long they are less likely to follow you. Thanks for your comment.

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