Rising above separatism

One of the major problems in the human race is the barriers we place between us and other human beings.

We are all human at the core, with the same dreams, hopes and problems.  It is a common mind trap to place a barrier between us and our fellow human being that separates us from fully addressing that person as an individual.  Barriers of separation can include race, hair colour, nationality, gender, economic status, town, religion, and many more.  We judge the fellow human not by who they are, but by a quality such as nationality.

A downside of some religions is that there is a tendency to create many barriers based upon the religion.  Some religions will insist that their followers are separated from the “outsiders”; others seem only to judge their own followers through the lens of their own religion, so that if that person leaves their religion they become an enemy.

In this blog I have given no specific examples of separation, since this mind trap is universal, covering a wide range of qualities.  The ideal I consider is that the individual puts aside all those barriers that create separation, to give attention to, and relate with, their fellow as an individual human being.

I would be surprised that anyone is 100% able to drop their habit to separate from others, but it is a good goal to aim for, and in doing so makes this world a happier less angry place to live in.


14 responses to “Rising above separatism

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Separation is an illusion. We are all one!

  2. Seperation is an illusion. Lets all remember that we are on a dirt ball which is flying around in space, and we are all the same species.

  3. First, I will not allow myself to be separated. Separation is an illusion. 🙂 Second, Alex, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I agree that cultural traditions and religious beliefs create the very walls that keep the human race from great achievements.

  4. Separation on religious grounds is, of course, man-made. However, the more religious one is the more likely he/she is to blame God for commanding the prejudicial and sometimes violent acts toward others. Others separate themselves because in addition to living lives built up superstition and mysticism, they add other layers of self-deception by adopting pragmatism over principle and altruism over rational self-interest, creativity and the free exercise of one mind and individual rights.

  5. Each and every individual must start realizing that we all come from one source. Except us,all else is man – made, hence the trouble!

  6. As you say, Alex, it may be difficult to 100% drop the conditioning that many of us were programmed with from a young age, but if we can become aware of our conditioning we can decide not to act upon it when it arises. This requires great attention in self-observation.

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