Inspirational Rescue of over a Hundred Horses

An example of practical wisdom.

Award winning photo from the Netherlands horse rescue. The white horse was described as a symbol of hope.

Netherlands, 2006, a great storm took over one hundred horses by surprise, trapping most of them on a small island, drowning eighteen of them.  At least seven women went into action.

Initial actions was to get food to the desperately hungry horses.  A rescue by boat failed. The women then worked out a safe route through the treacherous icy waters and the hidden obstacles.  One woman risked her life to cut through a fence.

The women then on horseback made their way towards the horses and guided them to safety.

Two lessons come from this event, the first is practical wisdom, the second is building bridges by example to others, who will follow that example.


6 responses to “Inspirational Rescue of over a Hundred Horses

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I am deeply touched by this post, Alex.

    Thank you for posting!

  2. They are so used to dealing with water problems, and I am always surprised at how fond the Dutch are of horses – such a small place, so little room for them all. Thanks for sharing this. lovely film.

  3. i feel the answer of everything is on women women power can change the tune, as i have expressed previously, as money turns around women, and the system has made women the object to obtain, while egos emerge merciless thoughtless on the Oedipus realm, claiming their share claiming their power while minds confuse unrealistically about what in fact keeps them glue to endless boring task. women rule the cosmetic and image on propaganda as they do on the news. on women get together and protest not about women’s right but exploitation: exploitation of their minds and body as they become slaves of shoping and cosmetics., which is the main producers of plastic bags and useless polluting designs. however some men can help. but it is more efficient a women’s parade of occupy wall street that the lot..

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