Rising above egotism

Egotism is a universal mind trap that impacts us all.

I mentioned yesterday about separatism, there is another monster that is a cause of many problems amongst humanity, egotism.


We have all met egomaniacs, or been impacted by such people.  Egotism is a pattern of behavior where the individual centers all attention upon themselves in such a manner that all those around them may as well not exist.  Some might say the egotist has an inflated or exaggerated sense of themselves leading to hubris and strife.  Most people react in a negative manner to egotists, and the egotist rather than draw people to themselves creates a gulf of separation from others.


As like separatism, egotism is a delusion, that causes the individual to have an unrealistic view of themselves and the world.  If the egotist is a decision maker, one who has power, this can create a cycle of cruelty, error and strife, leading to both harm or destruction of the egotist and all those that are connected to them.

Ego is good

Ego is good.  A mind trap is the view that ego is bad, to be destroyed.  Egotism is bad.  Ego is the part of self that mediates between the demands of the self and the external world.  Ego is the diplomat who has the crap role of having to sort out all the strife that is pulling self in all directions.  Ego gets bad press and hate, because it gets the blame for egotism.  Ego is required to translate ideas into practical action, in concordance between the needs of self and the circumstances of the outer world.

Approval seeking

Egotism is the result of seeking approval of others.  Instead of mediating between self and world the ego has been hijacked into a constant pattern of approval seeking of others.  This is why egotism is closely related to neediness.  Ego is related to attention, the attention is captured towards strategies that seek approval.  Egotism works towards display, to control, to domination of others, to capture their attention for the sole aim of getting approval.  Strip away the egotism you are left with a frightened insecure needy personality enslaved to the need for approval from others.

Loss of self worth

Egotism is a product of a process where the individual has been placed in a state of need by authority over time, where they have lost confidence in their own self, and their attention is captivated by a constant need for approval by the external authority.

How to combat egotism

Egotism is a tricky pattern, with many faces, strategies, all designed towards approval seeking.  The first action against egotism is to be aware it exists.  The second action is to capture back control of our attention.  The third action is to through our attention see how egotism manifests, especially when it is approval seeking.  The fourth action is to watch how much dislike, fear and unconfidence we have in ourselves.  The fifth action is to see how needy we are for others approval.

The paradox

Remember, egotism is about approval seeking, thus a reset is required to regain control of attention, to become self-aware; and to restore ego to its rightful role of mediating between the needs of self and the demand of the environment. Ironically egotism denies the self its needs in the pursuit of approval, so to focus on our own needs reduces egotism.  A strange paradox emerges that by following our own needs, by giving our attention to ourselves rather than approval seeking of others, we build bridges of closer connection with others.


6 responses to “Rising above egotism

  1. Reblogged this on supersede and commented:
    Nice post from Alex.

  2. As you say, it’s a continuous effort, isn’t it? During times of extreme stress, it’s very difficult to identify the role that the ego is playing in decisions we’re making. Mine has been raging recently, as it seeks approval for some tricky decision I’ve been having to make, and resulted in a very angry, negative phase. Your 5 tips on how to combat egotism are extremely helpful Alex, thank you.

    • Hi Supersede, egotism is tricky and challenging to combat in self. I am glad this post was useful to you. Thanks for your comment and reblogging this post 🙂

  3. Very nice! “I” is the root of all thoughts. It’s what separates us from becoming One with the Universe. 🙂

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