You don’t know until you try

Something worse than failure, is not trying.

At the moment I am trying something new. My heart is racing, fear sits on my shoulder as I walk into the unknown.  I am scared of failing, scared of the penalty for failure.  It is so easy to give up, to not try.

We have so many dreams, yet do we have the nerve to try to make that dream real?  The first fear we face is failure; the second fear we face is the penalty for failure; the third fear we face is the change we bring about through our attempt.  It is easy to play safe, to walk in the familiar, to suffer no pain through the experience of failure.

If we give in to fear, to sacrifice our dreams in fear, we by default fail.  We grow old, and then we look back over our safe life, and then regret.  “What if…” Too late, time waits for no one, you lost the opportunity, your harvest is regret.

So try.  So what if you fail? But then just as likely you will succeed? Or more likely you will fail, and through the wisdom of the failures before, you then succeed.  The worst thing you can do is avoid trying.


13 responses to “You don’t know until you try

  1. I so enjoy your posts. And I applaud all tries! My problem is not with the trying, but with the finishing. Could you figure out how to find time to finish? Peace & good cheer in the interim.

    • Hi Fran, you are right that when the goal is under way, then other obstacles emerge against reaching the goal. This is down to practical wisdom of realising we are only capable of doing a few things well, so that we should focus on those few things. Considerable resources can be freed by removing junk, for example television, which eat into our limited resources.

  2. It’s also knowing how you are going to feel if you fail after trying your hardest, as I did today, and to keep pushing it as hard as you can even when you know for certain it’s going to fail, as I did last night. I was wrapped up with too many things at once and failed an important exam today, one of 6 major exams in a 4 day period. With that I became scattered and only got through the most important ones. for some reason they were lumped on us all at once, 6 major exams and 3 major assignments, with less than a week to complete them all, so I committed a kind of triage, with the limited time I had I focused on the most important and failed the others, Had I concentrated on all of them I would have failed all of them, as a few others did. This was the most unbelievably impossible deadline I have ever had to keep, and I didn’t make it through without some broken bones. It was nerve shattering and terrifying, and today I failed the last one which I would have done just fine in had I just had a single uninterrupted day of study and contentment. Today I feel the sting of failure after having done my very best. Not a good feeling at all. At one time ling ago I would have spared myself this pain and just walked away from it. But pain is a teacher, as is pushing yourself to the limits of you’re endurance, it always pays off in the end…somehow.

    • Hi James, you attempted the impossible, and you used practical wisdom to determine the best outcome. What you did not do is give up, to run away, but you tried. Painful as it is, even in those circumstances of failure, your trying opens doors of self knowledge and wisdom. You will take from this experience knowledge of how to do this better in such situations in the future. The one who runs away, gives up, gains both failure and lack of wisdom, they double-loss in the situation.

      The problem you have suffered, and I have suffered this problem too, is to fail to provide enough resources to meet the goal. Each goal we aim for in life has a resource demand of skills, energy, time… and thus it is a good way to focus and plan before attempting goals. Alas, even though we try at a goal, if we fail to feed into the attempt sufficient resources to complete the goal, then we will be looking failure in the face.

      • Yes the only real difference between winners and losers is how hard they try. It’s ironic that the worst advice i’ve ever heard comes from Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, who says there is no try. To try is everything! The effort counts so much more than the result. And there are always rewards from the effort even if the goal itself is not attained. All around this city I see people who do not try. They party all night, bum change, get fat, do nothing, and point fingers, Better to fight a hopeless battle than just to end up like that.

      • Hello James, some artists say the process towards creating their work is the art, so yes you are right, the effort counts more than the result. Don’t do, don’t grow. You have a good attitude.

  3. I have found myself in a similar situation lately. I am daring to try something and the fear of stepping from the comfort zone has been quite real and deep. However, your blog has reminded me that this is part of life and what makes us great when we try. Failure or success, it is the attempt to be that is true to our purpose. thanks for the post.

  4. We fear failure because we imagine how others will judge it, and we let this hold us back. In reality, our personal endeavors are of very little interest to others, and we should press on regardless.

  5. I am scares/nervous every single time I do a photo shoot!

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