Battle at Kruger

The cycle of life in nature.

At 67 million views it is unsurprising why the following video has sparked such interest.  Nature in the raw can be beautiful, but also cruel, this is the cycle of life, life and death, the battle between the hunter and the hunted.

As beautiful and inspiring as nature is, it should be respected.  Heraclitus says “Strife is Justice”, which is the observation that conflict is a part of life, strife is behind change and motion in the universe, which is how things “become”; “becoming” is what Heraclitus means by “Justice”.

In the video the lions are the predator, working as a team of five, to catch a young buffalo.  In the battle two crocodiles join in against the lions.  The buffalo herd regroup and counter attack in order to rescue the young buffalo.  It is an amazing battle.


11 responses to “Battle at Kruger

  1. Great video. Humans tend to anthropomorphize, thereby missing the true significance of events such as this.

  2. That is true. Man will never understand the natural world, if he tries to force his nature upon it. Better that man look to the natural world to understand himself.

  3. another great post alex.

  4. The world is a dangerous place, it’s why lions sleep in trees – I saw a shortened version of this ages ago, but this shows the full battle. Those lions just won’t give up. there must have been a real shortage of food. It makes you wonder what else goes on…

  5. Awesome, a reminder that nature can be both beautiful and unforgiving.

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