Surround yourself with beautiful things

Beauty encourages creativity in a calm happy mind.

I love the story of Garrett Lisi, a surfer who spent all his days at the beach doing the activity he loved, surfing, surrounded by nature, whilst working on complex physics equations.  Emerging from those days of fun and nature came a new theory for everything that ignited the world of physics, known as E8.  Inspired by corals in the sea, E8 itself was beautiful, a creation of pure mathematics.

Create beauty around you

There is no reason why through effort anyone can live a creative and fun life, surrounded by beauty whilst creating something of value that others will buy into.  Being surrounded by beauty, be it art, people, sound, nature or architecture places the mind in a creative, playful and happy mood, a fertile ground to plant and grow a garden of ideas and creativity.


Being surrounded by beautiful people, is more about people who care about you, are friendly, supportive, and respectful of who you are.  This is about beautiful action, rather than those people who distress and put you in a state of anxiety.


Nature is beautiful.  To surround yourself with nature is the best outcome.  Imagine being in a place in the warm sun, birds singing in the trees, bees buzzing in the flowers, and a gentle trickle of running water.

Some of the greatest ideas, the arts, and science came from beautiful surroundings.


4 responses to “Surround yourself with beautiful things

  1. [ Smiles ] I agree with your post, Alex.

  2. I wouldn’t have understood or cared about this 25 years ago Alex. Today, it may be the only thing that matters. Loved your post.

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