Dandelion Award : Miss Apis Mellifera

  The Dandelion Award for this week is awarded to Miss Apis Mellifera.

The Dandelion Award is awarded to one WordPress blog a week by Liberated Way on each Sunday to highlight quality blogs that meet five quality criteria.  There are no strings attached to this award, it just gives those blogs some free publicity.  If the winners of the Dandelion Award wish to do so they can use the Dandelion Award image on their blog site.

About Miss Apis Mellifera
“adventures of an aromatherapy beekeeper”

This is the blog of a professional beekeeper with a detailed about page.

“Beekeeper and aromatherapist. I write about bees and smelly stuff. My blog shares the art of aromatherapy and the secrets of the bees.”

A beekeeper, an aromatherapist, an avid Star Trek fan, a person who has written on a wide range of subjects:

“As a commissioning editor for the weekly magazine, Enhancing your mind body spirit, I wrote over 100 articles on aromatherapy, herbalism, massage, yoga, nutrition, healthy living, animal healing, and world healing traditions, plus a fair few on folklore, spells and magic, fortune telling, and urban legends.”

1. The blog is full of practical wisdom that can be used in life by the reader.

If you love bees as I do then you will be attracted like a bee to a flower to this blog.  When you get to reading this blog you will be rewarded with posts over flowing with honey.  You start reading this blog, and I am sure the temptation to hit the “follow” button will come as you are rewarded with well written, practical articles on a variety of subjects, but of course the bees are ever-present in these blog posts.

2. The blog is inspirational, that makes me go “wow”.

This blog is packed with “wow” like a hive is packed with bees.  Their most recent article was a trip to Rome following in the footsteps of a writer, with a theme of bees.  This is a skillful writer who creatively merged a book review, an insider’s view on Rome and beekeeping together with excellent photography.  It must have been an awful lot of photography this writer did on her trip, having in one day to the Vatican filled an 8GB memory card.

3. The blog and its writing is well presented in a creative way.

This is a highly experienced writer who loads their blogs with tons of image, making an interesting and informative read.  Lots of effort goes into writing these articles.  The articles cover a wider range of subjects than just bees, such as art and culture.

4. The blog is updated on a regular basis.

On average one blog a week, but these are quality blog posts.  You won’t be burdened by the number of posts, but you will get an enjoyable and informative read once a week.

5. The blog is developing a close relationship with its readers.

Reading the about page on this blog shows a person who is busy, but still finds the time to answer comments, and visits other blogs.


6 responses to “Dandelion Award : Miss Apis Mellifera

  1. Wow! Thank you so much – gosh, lost for words. I’m in awe of all the amazing bloggers on WordPress and will be sure to send out my blog awards this week! #plan

  2. I have awarded your excellent blog the first Bumblebee Award for being fascinating, inspirational, creative, fun and a pleasure to read! http://missapismellifera.com/blog-awards/the-bumblebee-awards/the-bumblebee-award-for-the-liberated-way/

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