The mother instinct to protect their young

Mother animals in nature will go to great lengths to protect their young.

This is the time of year when animals are rearing young in Britain, and mother animals have an instinct to protect their young.  Mother animals will fight, hide their young, carry away their young to safety, and even use cunning to act as a decoy to protect their young.  The Daily Mail every year seems to report deaths or serious injuries to humans after a mother animal attacked to protect their young, which included cows and buzzards.

In the Daily Mail there was the story of the Mother thrush who used her own body to dam an overflowing drain pipe to stop her nest being swept away by rain water.  The Father thrush fed the Mother and the young whilst the Mother protected the nest.

A protective Canadian goose attacked an office worker, which created a YouTube sensation after the worker put up a fight after they got too close to their nest.  The Canadian goose launched repeat attacks to defend a nearby nest.

In another story both the Father and Mother Peregrine falcons took exception when conservationists checked their chicks, the Mother was the most aggressive attacker.

Father animals will also fight for their young .  A stunning set of images in the Daily Mail of a bird of prey who came too close to a nest resulting in an attack by a Father goose, who tried to drown the kite.

Lastly, is a YouTube video of a fight between a Mother Wildebeest in a dramatic defense of her calf and a pack of wild dogs, which is an on-the-edge-of-seat encounter.


4 responses to “The mother instinct to protect their young

  1. You post some crazy things…no telling where you find them. I like them though. 😉

  2. Moms are pretty damn fearsome in defense of their young, from the bear who mauls a hiker who was foolish enough to approach her cubs, to the young Texas mother who slew a home invader a few months ago.

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