Achieving the impossible

The only impossible is the limits you place on yourself.

Taylor Ramon Wilson is an amazing individual who appears to have defied the word “impossible”.  He is aged 17 at the moment, and appeared on a TED talk.  He is a nuclear scientist.

At age 14 Wilson built a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage, you know the sort of reactor that evidently can create the “yellow cake” that is getting everyone hot and bothered about over Iran.  Homeland Security in USA was so impressed they offered funding for research into nuclear detectors, which cost Homeland Security hundreds of thousands of dollars a detector.  Wilson declined the offer, and brought out a patent for a version of the detector that cost mere hundreds of dollars, which was more sensitive than those of Homeland Security.  Wilson got to meet President Obama, to show him his new invention.

TED video as below:


6 responses to “Achieving the impossible

  1. Wow! remarkable talent. Thank you for sharing Alex!

  2. 14 years old. I was still reading comic books at that age…wow.

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