Autism, horses and Mongolian shamans

What happens when nature, autism and nomadic cultures collide?

Amongst my many interests is Mentalism, which is the study of the mind.  Situations like brain injury and autism offers an insight into the human mind.

Autism is a result of a different wiring of the brain, when the brain was being created the wires were connected in the wrong way.  No autistic is the same, but all have a different way of seeing and relating to world from “normal” people.  Autism cannot be cured, but you have to apply out of the box thinking and different rules to autistic people than “normal” people.

Sadly, civilisation sees autism as a problem, a curse, and refuses to accept that it is a mere different way of looking at the world.  In the world of indigenous peoples the rules are different, this is the world of animism and shamans with a heavy focus on healing and connectivity with nature.  The following video illustrates an outcome when nature, autism and indigenous culture comes together.


4 responses to “Autism, horses and Mongolian shamans

  1. My niece was diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorder, childhood schizophrenia, asperger’s syndrome, etc… She’s now graduated from a state college and is planning to live her life as a he. I don’t think the doctors ever got it quite right.
    I, personally, have worked with autistic children, assisting parents in providing respite care.
    When I first met Daniel, he was about 5 years old. He was born a perfectly normal baby, meeting all the milestones. Then one day – snap. Daniel was unresponsive, didn’t speak, had no idea about safety, flapped and make odd noises, screamed, etc… When we went out together, Daniel would run away, without regard to safety or where he was going. I sang to him and he listened and began to learn some words and parts of the songs. When they could get away, the parents would take Daniel and siblings to the Colorado River, and Daniel changed – became peaceful, quiet, responsive and coming back to suburbia, changed back into his destructive and mostly unresponsive self. Finally, the family moved. I don’t know how he’s doing now, but I can guess.
    As to my niece – I mean nephew – he’s doing well, though still a little strange, so to speak.
    No one knows exactly what causes autism, but most of us guess it’s environmental. There’s speculation about the size or growth of the brain at crucial times, mercury in the immunizations, fluoride in the water, or heavy metals or genetically modified foods in our diets. There’s a world of “sick” out there.
    I attended an autism conference years ago and met a young man who was “inside” of himself. His mother knew he was in there. He grew into a wonderful young man, still autistic, but able to communicate through a computer, and was quite poetic, intelligent and artistic.

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