What would you do if technology failed?

We are now increasingly dependent upon technology.

Last week I was unable to get onto Twitter after its servers went down for part of a day, because I am not dependent on Twitter it was no big deal, a small irritation.

Last week, the cell phone provider in UK called O2 had a malfunction so nobody could text for a while.

More serious was that Natwest Bank in UK became paralysed for six days last week when a routine computer update went wrong.  I was inconvenienced as some of my customers were unable to get payments to me.  For everyone else it was serious as people were kicked out of their homes, threatened with their life support machines being switched off, and having to remain in jail, because no payments could be made through the Natwest banking system.  It was a chaotic and painful experience for many people.  I won’t be using Natwest when I switch bank accounts soon.

These three above examples show to me how dependent we are on technology, and what happens when that technology fails.  In our own lives it is worth considering back up systems for when technology fails.


21 responses to “What would you do if technology failed?

  1. Yes starting with having more than one bank,telephone service and ISP with back up contact info on a couple of detachable memory devices.

  2. Strangely enough, likely what I am likely to do anyway. …. 😉

  3. A disaster waiting to happen

  4. Oh indeed, there are some people who are prepared, have been for years. I’ll just have to go to the brook to wash the clothes, but I’d miss my computer, or personal library as I like to call it.

  5. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I would have no choice but to adapt to the situation, Alex.

    Thank you for another great post!

  6. Technology works at the push of a button.. and the button is also man made.. it has to have some flaws, otherwise it’s a miracle that the button still works.. Nowadays, being addicted to technology is the same as being addicted to drugs.. When it’s unavailabe, withdrawals kick in!

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