5 tips for organising yourself

Being organised means a productive and happier life.

1. Start a Day book

Useful for my business, especially to record all the important events of the day, what I did, who I spoke to, things I need to do, or other useful information.

2. Invest in a whiteboard

Sitting right behind me as I write this blog is my whiteboard, that I write anything important I need to remember on.

3. Notebook for ideas

Carry a notepad and pen around with you for those great ideas and insights that hit you when you least expect it.  Chances are if you have no notepad to record an insight when it happens, you will forget about it.

4. Eliminate what is unneeded

If an item is no longer required, sell it, give it away, dispose of it.  Less unneeded items, less clutter.

5. Keep everything in their proper place

It is easy for mounds of unrelated chaotic paper to build up.  Make sure everything is actioned, binned or filed away in their proper location.  Once a small pile of paper gathers, it reproduces like rabbits, and in weeks you have a problem.


13 responses to “5 tips for organising yourself

  1. Wow! A useful post! Thank you for sharing Alex! I am definitely ELIMINATING UNNEEDED THINGS! LOL

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Lovely suggestions, Alex. An organised blogger is an effective blogger!

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  4. It’s high time.. I need to follow this..

  5. Great post… I need to do more of this.

    I tend to keep works in progress and other notes in my pocket to be thinned as needed.

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