Castles in the Air

“Dare to dream your castles in the air, then build the castle foundations.”
Quote: Alex Jones. Image: Hilly Fields, Colchester.


13 responses to “Castles in the Air

  1. Very cool picture, Alex. Aren’t clouds just the strangest things?

    • Strange and wonderful. I took this photograph yesterday at the site of the former palace of King Cunobelin, who it is said was Bran in Celtic legend, the Fisher King. Bran in legend had a cauldron of rebirth, which would later become the Holy Grail. Near the spot I took this photograph archaeologists found a cauldron ritually buried in the side of the hill, which now resides in Colchester Castle.

  2. I liked this one.. Damn.. ‘Castles in the air’.. Perfect..

  3. This is simply a GOTCHA! It is very difficult to pace with Mother Nature but you did it Alex! And what a name dear one!!! Perfect! CASTLE IN THE AIR! Double Thumbs Up Alex 🙂

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