The Beauty of just Being

“The beauty of being one with nature”
Quote: Alex Jones. Image: Swan on River Colne, Colchester.


4 responses to “The Beauty of just Being

  1. Very nice post, Alex. What model of camera did you recently buy?

  2. I love the photography. did you take it yourself? if so it is really deep and i appreciate the mind set of pure thought you must have been in to take that picture, brilliant. i very much like the idea of making your own “quotes” they are like guidelines for yourself, but you will always realize they tend to reflect an ever changing state of self as what you said today may be a different quote, even a challenging one to the previous, the next day. on the whole they make me feel a lot wiser and develop and i develop a certain inner peace or instant connection with the subconscious when i write them or think of them. “eureka” moments a some called them. its quite funny to me because i had a friend whose name was eureka hahaha imagine…..

    • Hi Rajiv, yes, these photographs are my efforts. I am building up my own portfolio of photographs, rather than rely on others.

      You are right how we evolve and change over time. I read this blog ov only a few months back and I see how much I and my ideas change, so I rewrite and delete some blogs.

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