Dandelion Award : Radius Of A Square

The Dandelion Award this week is awarded to Radius Of A Square.

The Dandelion Award is an award that Liberated Way makes to one WordPress blog each Sunday to mark out a quality blog that expresses five qualities.  There is no obligations on the part of the winner of the Dandelion Award, this award gives publicity to those quality blogs.  A winner may if they wish to do so display the Dandelion Award image on their blog.

About Radius Of A Square

This is the fourth blog to be awarded the Dandelion Award, a rather talented individual.

In their About section ROAS as he refers to himself writes:

“Photographer, Musician, Artist, Editor and a Critic. Although I am not really good at these but I can’t get my mind off them!  Thanks to a bunch of my friends for sharing their hobbies with me.”

He understates his talent in my opinion, as I have listened to his music, seen his art work, seen his photography, read his many blogs, and this is a multi-skilled individual who likes to try his hand at anything, and pulls off a good result.  This blogger is based in India, and is a highly enthusiastic individual.  In his About section you will find links to five other blogs he writes, which all show the extent of his talent, though I am going to concentrate for this award on his Radius Of The Square blog.

1. The blog is full of practical wisdom that can be used in life by the reader.

This blog is a many-faceted blog, which has sections or links for debate or practical wisdom.  The core of this blog is his images that ROAS takes with just a camera phone, and adds his own unique quote to.  It is left to the reader to bring their own subjective insight to each of his posts.  His photography is excellent, and so are the quotes, so you end in a subjective riddle that reveals for you a unique insight from the posting.  The posts are popular and I have seen some posts with over 200 likes, which on WordPress is the sort of thing only seen on the honoured sites that are “pressed” by WordPress on its home page.

2. The blog is inspirational, that makes me go “wow”.

The image and quote combinations makes me go “wow” often.  ROAS has an eye for detail, and joins image and word together in harmony, that then is delivered for the subjective eye to take their own meaning from; an unique way to convey insight, that I have never seen done before.  Socrates never gave you a straight answer, ROAS won’t either, you are left to make your own meanings from his posts, and there is plenty of “wow” when they hit their target.

3. The blog and its writing is well presented in a creative way.

The other sections of the blog offer straight forward text posts, but the central theme is the image-quote type of posts, that are delivered in a straight forward simple manner.  Image and text is balanced, which offers either a nice photo to those that like photography, or insight to the thinker.  Nobody I know of has delivered their wisdom like this, and done it well.

4. The blog is updated on a regular basis.

This blog is updated roughly twice a week, and comes in the form of a flood of posts.  You won’t be inundated as these are simple image-quote posts, with the occasional text post thrown in.  Since this blogger has many blogs, you can subscribe to whatever blog you desire from his many blogs.

5. The blog is developing a close relationship with its readers.

ROAS gets a lot of comments, and despite this appears to be able to answer most of them.  ROAS participates in the many blog awards, and often visits other WordPress blogs where he comments and likes posts.  ROAS plays an active part in the WordPress community.


4 responses to “Dandelion Award : Radius Of A Square

  1. Thank You Alex! 😀

  2. Congratulations! A great blog indeed!

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