The difference between an electron, the moon, and a human being

There are three levels of reality.

The scientists at CERN will announce their latest findings tomorrow in their search for the “Higgs boson” particle, which has the media in a fever of speculation that the particle has been “discovered”. CERN is an attempt by science to find the answer to “everything”, the core theory that brings all of science together.  I consider science will fail in their objective until they move into my world of metaphysics, the same world shared by ancient cavemen and Greek philosophers.

Science appears to have missed the obvious that there are three levels of reality, that is best summed up by an electron, the moon, and a human being.


An electron is a small bit of matter that teleports, vanishes, appears out of nothing, rapidly gains and losses weight, can be in two places at once, can be doing two activities at once.  I am sure I have missed other weird effects of electrons, but the point is they are crazy bits of matter that defy scientific laws.

The electron exists in quantum reality, a level where bits of matter are so small they have low resistance to entropy.  Any object that losses enough energy goes chaotic, producing the weird effects as already mentioned.  Entropy is about all objects stealing energy from each other.


Unlike the electron the moon is stable, it won’t teleport or be in two places at once.  The moon has a lot of mass, and thus a high resistance to entropy.  You can observe the moon, and be confident that the moon will obey the patterns or scientific rules you create from those observations. The moon belongs to inorganic reality, above a point of mass where objects overcome the immediate impacts of entropy to become stable. The core of most human scientific laws applies to inorganic objects like the moon.

Human being

Just as there is a point between when crazy quantum reality passes into stable inorganic reality, there is a point between when inorganic become organic reality.  Organic objects have purpose, you can apply teleology to organic objects in a way you would be unable to do so towards the inorganic like the moon.  Organic objects, and what those organic objects create have a purpose. Organic objects are conscious, intelligent, have freewill, are self organising and are creative.

The purpose of all organic objects is to live, to grow, to create, all which requires energy. The rules of this reality is different to that of inorganic reality.  The moon has no freewill, neither is it intelligent, neither is it creative.  The human can destroy the moon, can decide to shape the moon to his will, can make the choice of living on the moon.  The human can create internet, statues, rockets, something neither an electron or the moon can do, since the reality of the human is different to that of quantum and inorganic realities.

Just as the rules of the moon won’t apply to electrons, so the rules of the moon won’t apply to humans.  Science has attempted to force the rules of the moon onto the human, which they attempt through abstraction, to simplify the human down to something it is not.


There are three realities, each with their own rules.  To find the common that unites these three realities the scientist has to head off into metaphysics.  In one of three corners is energy aka matter aka form; in the second corner is pattern aka archetype aka spirit; in the third corner is agency aka intelligence aka consciousness.  Nobody can deny these three corners exist, for they are observable in one or more of the three realities.


8 responses to “The difference between an electron, the moon, and a human being

  1. Isn’t it a little odd, trying to understand “everything”, since we don’t even know what “everything” is. It won’t matter how powerful our telescopes or microscopes become, we will always find more new things we don’t understand. We can’t get out of the fish bowl to look back in, hence we will never understand what “everything” is.

  2. Science is extremely useful, but has yet to realize that it is not equipped to study all fields of knowledge.

  3. I was mesmerized by your statement on science. What you did is show it’s mistakes that takes it off the true course. I think that metaphysics and pseudo-science is nothing more than real science excluded due to complexity.

    Just as you said that the organic level is being deduced to something simpler. It is actually one of the main reasons for this civilizations still-so-primitive state – both technologically, spiritually/mentally and in the way up-to-date tech is not applied.

    • The discovery of what the scientists think is the Higgs Boson particle hopefully will set a new way of thinking in science that will move towards a metaphysical approach. Thanks for your well thought reply.

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