Blog like a flower

Four lessons learned from relationships between flowers and bees for blogging.

Bee visiting flower, Colchester.

Changes are planned for this blog, inspired by observing the relationship between flowers and bees.  Consider yourself the flower, consider the reader the bee, now consider the relationship of flower and bee.

Flowers are designed to cost bees little energy to visit them.

Time, money, effort and ability are all energy that a reader expends visiting you.  Design your blog for low energy impact on the reader:  short blogs; few words; easy read; images; font; navigation.

Flowers use shape, colour and fragrance to attract bees.

Seduce your reader like a flower does a bee by stimulating their senses:  colour; image; beauty.


Flowers offer the bee pollen and nectar.

Offer the reader value that they can take away: wisdom; knowledge; inspiration.

Flowers goal is pollination by bees.

What do you want from your reader? : comments; follows; influence; business.


19 responses to “Blog like a flower

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Nice analogy, Alex.

    I want my readers to feel satisfied with the articles presented; they should feel contented, welcomed and more informed in the end.

  2. Your blog is always interesting, and has been taking good shape in the three months or so that I’ve been visiting.

  3. Wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing what this brings to your blog. 🙂

  4. just the inspiration i needed to get back into blogging after being away, thankyou


  5. Your blog posts are always what the reader is “thinking” to google! I love your blog Alex 🙂

  6. It has been said that the bees know…I have been thinking of late I need to make shorter posts. After reading this, I will have to play with that concept a little.

  7. Great Analogy!Nice way to remember things.

  8. As I write, the bees are busy in our lavender… buzzing away. There must be a whole hive. Thanks for your words of wisdom on blogging and thanks for stopping by and liking my blog.

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