Go for a creative walk

A walk in nature can inspire and encourage your creativity.

Creative photography of oak leaves against the moon whilst out walking.

Professor Peter Higgs has today earned himself a place in history, his elusive Higgs boson particle has been found, a discovery compared to that of discovering America.  In 1964 Higgs formed his idea of the Higgs boson whilst out walking in the Highlands of Scotland.

There are two ways that walking in nature can inspire your creativity.  Firstly, walking pumps more blood into the brain, feeding the brain cells behind creativity.  Secondly, nature can provide you with inspirational moments.

Take a notepad and pen with you to write down creative ideas before you forget them.  Leave the music at home, as it can distract your creative flow.

If you are problem solving or looking for ideas, go for a walk in nature to assist your creative flow.


18 responses to “Go for a creative walk

  1. “one particle to rule them all” ha ha 🙂 a simple walk inspired this? quite amazing. nature is nothing short of amazing though and it always has a strange way of giving you what you ask for. i find that most people tend to take distractions with them on walks, like music. i had just been sitting in a park or a sanctuary rather after i got bored of being indoors, being outside and feeling so released was so addictive that up till now i eagerly await my next trip. the funny thing is, i just sat there… i didnt even take pictures or anything…. i just sat there, lost in thought but clear as daylight and the moon. one of the most relaxing things i could have ever ever done for myself. this piece is great.

    • Great comment. Have you noticed that some animals do as you do? Last Sunday I came across a swan on the river, and all it did was glide slowly and gracefully on the river, enjoying its moment. Slowing and stopping people can reconnect with everything (nature, self…) and then the creativity flows.

      I take my camera with me if a photo opportunity does arise, but mainly it is to problem solve. Much of my philosophy has come about from walking.

      • Its like you just read my mind i swear, isnt the creatures of mother earth behavior so intriguing? how they are so intelligent, joy, a simple emotion the swan was showing, but there is such intelligence in that emotion, such understanding of purpose. i also remember gazing at a bird that repeatedly went across the water in skips while flying just above the surface and touching down a metre and a half away, it seemed to be having so much fun. i couldnt help but watch it play. what i thought of was how simple their lives are, find food everyday, mate, care for their young and die. oh how we humans have found complicated ways to do exactly. the. same. thing. so true are your words “slowing and stopping people can reconnect with everything” these words will stick with me for a very long time, thank you for gracing me with it. something you had said about using pictures that are not your own has been gnawing at me and i find they too are true as it is very hard to find pictures to suit the emotion of my article, it would be a lot more satisfying if i could apply my own pictures to my blog as you do, but i am having trouble with that, seeing that i dont even own a camera 🙂 you have give me great inspiration to go out and get one! but more than inspiration you gave me an equally apt reason so thanks for that bro 🙂

      • Rajiv, thanks for your always thoughtful comments. It seems so weird to be lost in watching the activities of wildlife, which encourages us to reconnect and draw insights.

        Getting a camera to create images that are suitable for your own purposes is good, and if you get good at taking photos you can make money from those images to pay for your initial investment in the camera.

  2. Agree with this Alex. Amazing walk a walk will do to clear the mind of cob webs. Good post.

  3. Nice post, Alex. Walking and simply ‘being’ outside is a favorite activity of mine. Great that you also suggested leaving the music at home. It seems that people cannot go a minute of their day without being distracted by some form of artificial entertainment – their minds are totally taken over by outside input, much of which is totally detrimental.

    • I noticed a lot of people go out with music attached to their ears, which defeats the objective of walking and simply “being” (great word you used). I experimented with music in my ears whilst walking, and had no creative flow, but did manage to bang my head on a tree branch.

  4. Some of my best ideas occur when I walk, or even just sit, outside. Though not as amazing or important as the Higgs boson particle, last night I was sitting on my patio looking at the stars and moon and listening to the crickets and tree frogs. I had my notebook with me and was sketching a doll commission. Suddenly the toads gave me an idea for another doll! I often take time to thank nature for its blessings – and I consider inspiration to be one of them.

    • Awesome. It is good to hear positive outcomes from people out in nature, be it Higgs boson particles or ideas for new dolls 🙂

    • what is the idea if you dont mind me asking?:) it sounds rather humorous to get inspiration for a doll from frogs ( but then again i have no idea what kind of work you are in, action figures maybe?) it would be quite interesting to know what you were thinking while those frogs were just… well, being frogs:)

      • My specialty is fabric art dolls. Each one is an expression of my interest in mythology and nature. The doll in mind is going to be elfin in nature. I’ll be posting more about it in the near future when I get around to making it! In the meantime, I have a commission to work on – Persephone of Greek mythology.

  5. Alex, that’s one of the reasons I work outdoors. It never dulls the mind, only opens it up further!

    Though, there have been testing days when it’s been two sets of waterproofs, an entire wet set of clothes replaced for dry and 4 pairs of working gloves… Brrrrrrrr…

    • Ha ha, yes, I sometimes work out of doors too at the mercy of the unpredictable British weather.

      • It’s a joy isn’t it?! Sometimes… ish… !

        I do like the reminders that we humans can’t just go knocking about trying to impose stable systems and processes onto a dynamic system. The team I’m a part of try to on a daily basis, but no, the rhododendron infested undergrowth bites back from time to time. Actually, today it was the midges turn… I had quite a case of insect related tourettes as a result of those wee beasties.

      • Nature makes clear to us who is boss 🙂 I have come back in the last hour from a soaking in the rain.

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