Dandelion Award : Renard Moreau Presents

The fifth ever Dandelion Award goes to Renard Moreau Presents.

The Dandelion Award is awarded to one blog each Sunday by Liberated Way that meets five qualities.  There are no obligations on the part of the winner of the Dandelion Award, it recognises those blogs worth visiting, and the award image can be displayed on their blog if they wish to do so.

About Renard Moreau Presents

This blog states it is “Cool Miscellaneous Thoughts.”  Renard is a blogger based in Trinidad and Tobago who has been blogging for a few years.  Renard started out on Google blogs before setting up his blog on WordPress, so his posts find their way on both blogs.  I think Renard has no specific goal for his blog, other than he likes to write and participate in the blogging community.

1. The blog is full of practical wisdom that can be used in life by the reader.

A simple easy reading blog that takes little of your time to impart its wisdom.  Renard offers practical wisdom on a wide range of subjects from his own life experience, including recently on blogging, social media, love and food.  This is a blog with no specific goal than someone blowing bubbles of practical wisdom towards you that is useful to the reader.

2. The blog is inspirational, that makes me go “wow”.

Different from other Dandelion Award winners I have reviewed, Renard offers a subtle wow that grows on you over time. I have revised a few of my own ideas, and also written blogs in response to Renard as a result of his blog posts.

3. The blog and its writing is well presented in a creative way.

The standard approach by Renard is an image and a post of around 300 words on a topic of interest.  The simplicity and easy-going style acts like a conversation between you and Renard on a warm day in the park. Renard includes his own photographs of mainly plants to illustrate his points.

4. The blog is updated on a regular basis.

Renard loves to write, and so the reader is treated to at least two blogs a day of easy-going practical wisdom.

5. The blog is developing a close relationship with its readers.

Blogging seems to be a hobby of Renard, as well as having an active interest in community.  Renard will visit countless blogs each day, and offers his encouragement through comments.  He replies to most comments on his blogs.  Of all the bloggers I have encountered so far Renard is the most active community-wise in WordPress.


7 responses to “Dandelion Award : Renard Moreau Presents

  1. Renard is as great as anyone can ever be!!! He just simple is too well-deserved!!!
    Great one Alex 🙂

  2. Another terrific decision…

  3. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Thank you, Alex. I am blown away!

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