Being the change in the world

We change the world by following our own purpose.

British robin singing in Colchester.

I was taking photographs in Colchester Castle Park yesterday, and came across a robin singing.  This robin was expressing its purpose of singing either to mark out its territory or to attract a mate.  Just being there and singing this robin gave me pleasure, its activity impacting me.

Just by following our dreams, hopes and goals we influence others and change the world.  We become like a rock thrown in the pool, the ripples of our actions echoing into eternity.

Often it is wrongly considered that we have to change the world, or others, by forcing our will upon them.  Like the robin we have a purpose of living, growing and creating, so that in just doing this we make the positive changes in the world anyway.


17 responses to “Being the change in the world

  1. Yes, how can we know what is good for the world if we are unclear about our own lives.

  2. Beautiful photo, nicely done Alex

  3. That’s very inspirational Alex, in the true sense of the word – “inflaming, inhaling or blowing into” – “the animating or vital principle in man and animals,”
    And such a great photo; capturing the robin mid song!

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    An inspiring post from Alex this morning!

  5. I decided back in 1993 that I wasn’t going to change the world, only myself.

  6. i love this post:) and it is stunning to see that we have the same inspiration around the planet! I totally agree! i think that we are connected to the same inspiration source and that’s beautiful! « Son mystère, comprenez-le bien. C’est la transformation. L’homme est le grand transformateur. »
    de Gitta Mallaz [+]
    Extrait du Dialogue avec l’ange

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  8. Reminds me of Hopkins’ Poem, Kingfishers Catch Fire:

  9. Wise words! If we have the courage to listen to our own hearts, do what feels right in ourselves and act like we want people around us to act – I think good things will happen. Be the change you want to see. Thank you! I love the way you let nature into your writing.

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