Have a go!

You won’t know until you try.

Ducklings learn to be ducks by doing.

An opportunity came along to join a writers group in Colchester to develop my skills in writing.  I attended the writers event yesterday, but disliked it, thus won’t go again.

I was not to know how the writers event would be until I had given it a go.  Through the doing I gained wisdom about what I wanted in a writers group, and that this particular group was not the right one for me.

Life is full of opportunities, but to take advantage of them we have to give them a go. The duckling to the left in Colchester is learning to be a duck through the doing; the duckling is seizing every opportunity it can to explore its new world, copying its fellow ducks, trying out new things through the doing.

Next time you come across an opportunity to try something new, have a go.


8 responses to “Have a go!

  1. Good advice, Alex, and another good photo. The water effect is very nice.

  2. Great post Alex 🙂 Learning and hard work is always the key to brilliance 🙂 Great message shared!
    Bless you,

  3. I am considering a writer’s group. Care to share what you will be looking for in a group?

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