Turn negatives into positives

The reversals in life can be opportunities for positive beginnings.

A depressed Colchester swan.

I visited Colchester Castle Park to take photographs last weekend, coming across a depressed swan.  For several weeks this swan had been enjoying his time as the only swan on a boating lake, then two swans came along and evicted him.  The swan initially hid behind a building, then sat down near a gate with little care about the dogs and humans passing.  Never had I seen such a defeated depressed swan.

The opportunity presents itself to this swan to move onto the river upon which there is plenty of space, freedom from annoying dogs and humanity, as well as the chance of a mate.

I have been shipwrecked a few times in life, debt, job losses, conflicts.  I have bounced back every time with something better.  As Heraclitus says, Strife is Justice, through strife we “become” something more than we were before.  Endings are an opportunity for new beginnings.


41 responses to “Turn negatives into positives

  1. As I am living this period of unemployment, I can identify with this sentiment easily. The low point has presented several options including a chance to share thoughts here. thanks for the posting.

  2. I always think of those new beginnings as new adventures, new opportunities to expand ones wings, just like the swan. Low times are to learn from, if you don’t, you’ve missed an opportunity to grow.

  3. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] A nice post about self-renewal. We always have the opportunity to rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix.

    Thanks a lot for another great and inspiring post.

    Also, one LOVE to all those people who follow, like and comment on your posts!

  4. Thanks for another post containing practical wisdom, Alex. It is easy to get into a downward mental spiral when things don’t go well, but nothing will improve by doing so.
    ~ Paul

    • I agree, it is easy to fall into the trap of a downward mental spiral; just look up like that swan will eventually do, and find there is a large river of opportunity out there beyond the little boating lake.

      • you should patent that or something that is wisdom that shouldnt be lost in these comments over time, its way too insightful to be forgotten that easily.

  5. through strife we “become” something more than we were before. Endings are an opportunity for new beginnings.
    Great words.Well Said!

  6. i recently read a book called the Indigo Flame, it was in the esoteric section of the bookstore and due to my nature it is always the first isle i walk into, eager to find new truths or experiments with ‘power’ in this book it explores a secret method, of acquiring or harnessing rather this violet light called the indigo flame, what this flame does is metaphorically and physically it turns the effects on negative experiences in your life into positive ones by means of a sort of spiritual liberation from the earthly suffering so detaching the subconscious from the pain of the conscious body, making its existence more futile and its pain less felt. remember when Luciferian blog had posted an article about Luciferians being labelled as so many different things because of our personalities? one of those being indigo children… i believe we are naturally predispositioned to channel in with this energy thus making it easier for us to recover from hardships in our lives, maybe the greatest gift of being part of the metaphorical “fallen army” of Lucifer is actually a hint at the greatest gift of hardship…. to rise again stronger, faster more intelligent than before. for it is not the wise man who admits his mistake but the one who accepts it and can live with it that is truly blessed for he has risen stronger and wiser from it. it is like saying for instance ” i made a mistake yesterday, therefore i am both wiser and cunning today” did he really get rid of the negative? no. he just turned it in his favor.

    • We all have this spark in us, some stronger than others perhaps, but one where we can draw from to overcome any of lifes obstacles. Often also, if I am down, I can draw from the natural world around me too. As always, I value your insightful comments. I will have a look at this book called Indigo Flame.

  7. and to reply to our previous conversation, with the amount of work you take to put your articles together, i dont think you deserve any less than thoughtful comments, i really dont like posting a comment for the sake of it you know? if i cant put as much effort into giving you a decent response as you put into an insightful article, i wont comment. i would rather you look forward to my comments than give them a cursory glance. there is no point in being an echo of a brilliant voice, rather add your own. wouldnt you agree?

  8. Thanks Alex, I needed to hear that, I sense defeat for myself soon.

  9. I’m more concerned for the bird. Someone should chase that lovely creature into the water. Once in, all will be forgotten. 😀

  10. Please keep us updated about the swan! Poor little bugger. I’ve been there myself.

  11. Great post! Sometimes we need things to fall apart so we can escape it. Though, we don’t always find the strength or desire to.

  12. I used to do Tarot readings, and I always found the death card the most interesting, as it can mean the death of something bad, so a chance to start afresh, so this scary imagery can be a really positive card. It’s all about context.

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  14. I can relate to the swan too and I had managed to have 5 jobs within a two year period and couldn’t find the right one which would have made me happy. So last year I took control of my life and decided to be self employed and ever since it has a blessing

  15. Are you a believer of “Whatever happens happens for good”? This saying helps me with my train wrecks and I have bounced back with better things too!
    I have suffered job losses, business losses and personal losses in bulk quantities, yet somehow I feel, things are going to get better and they do every time. I believe these losses occur because I am supposed to be steered away from even bigger mishaps. It’s a way of destiny to re-align your path when you’ve strayed because you’ve abused your freewill and chose too many wrong options and landed up in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are supposed be at the right place at the right time with two options, i think that’s how destiny and freewill work together to ‘construct and obtain results’ in your life. If the results don’t align with the natural order of things, you are forcefully steered in the right way. that’s why we experience helplessness or luck and learn lessons in difficult situations.

  16. Great post. Definitely something I need to hear right now.
    PS. Sorry if you get multiple comments from me…I tried commenting on my phone and it didn’t seem to be working.

    • Hello Karen, WP decided to place your three comments into Spam, but I rescued this comment. I am glad you found this blog post useful. Thanks for commenting.

  17. Update on this swan in Colchester Castle Park.
    The two swans have now left the boating lake; the depressed swan has got his home back and appears to be happy again.

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