Destroy your limits

Strife, change and renewal is part of living.

This butterfly destroyed a limitation of being a caterpillar to become a butterfly.

I read a WordPress blog yesterday where the blogger complained they were bored, that there was nothing worth watching on television, and they disliked their job search.  How sad, this person has no meaning in their life.

Goals, dreams and hopes gives life meaning; from them passion flows, when we have focus and motivation to face each new day with joy.

Often we set limits upon ourselves, upon our dreams; we lose the fire for life so we become bored, escaping into addictions of television, Facebook and pizza.  Not even the hope of finding a job seems to inspire such people.  Against this then we face a choice to live a worthless life, or go and destroy those limits, where we then start living.

To destroy limits we face an energy cost, a requirement to face our reality, our fears, and the consequences of change we bring about through our actions.  Change is the main issue: if we want to lose weight then the body is going to complain; if we close down Facebook, lots of false “friends” are going to complain; if we follow our own dream, someone who wanted us to follow their dream will conflict with us.  Neither life, nor change is easy, but it has meaning when you start destroying your limits every day and every moment.

The lady in the video below is 86-years-old, and a gymnast.  This lady can do things I have never been able to do, she has not allowed old age to limit her in what she loves doing.


44 responses to “Destroy your limits

  1. I wish I had time to get bored LOL….Peace Jaz

  2. I saw this video a few weeks ago, and I’ve bee thinking about it ever since. Inspirational!!

  3. This lady is incredible, she understands,the sky’s the limit. Don’t think I’ve ever been bored, what’s that? lol

  4. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Self-limitation is the enemy of personal progress.

  5. I have a stack of things for the bored people. Wanna help? 🙂 Great post, Alex.

  6. Wise words, Alex. I think it is important to recover from the fallout of putting yourself out there too.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Love this and thanks for the words of encouragement.

  8. Very true and well-said. It’s amazing how profound realities can have such simple phrasing.

  9. All I ever feel is overwhelmed and full of anxiety and terror. I guess I must be doing something right.

  10. People who say they’re bored, are BO-RING.

  11. I like this post because breaking limits is something that interests me. When i realize I can’t do something, I get restless until I break my barrier and succeed in doing what I couldn’t. It gives me something more than an adrenaline rush. its a high my brain likes to get addicted to, breaking limits. I hate to limit myself in anything. I mean, it’s your brain, your body and your life; apparently you get these only once so why not make the most of it?
    It’s foolish to limit yourself because when you are about to die and your life flashes before your eyes, I am pretty sure a sense of guilt could take over and you would regret limiting yourself.

    Hey Alex, sorry, I am just too freaking bad at staying in touch. I was busy learning WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.CMSs. I could never build websites and I thought, It’s about time I started doing something I couldn’t. 😉

    Thanks for dropping by the other day..
    Once again I am really sorry for not staying in touch, i can get too involved with my BS sometimes..

    • Hi ROAS, thanks for your replies.

      You are an awesome example of “destroying limits”, I see this in your blogs, and also you being away to learn new skills is another example of this.

  12. Wow, I’ve always believed that people can be healthy at 100 if they really looked after themselves. Seems like this lady is well on her way 🙂

  13. That was a very inspiring post! It was written extremely well. I look forward to the day that i can right like that!

  14. Thanks for reminding us not to give up so quickly in what we dreamt of just because we think we can’t! That makes me even excited to push myself beyond the limit. Nice post 🙂

  15. Wish I could write like this. I enjoy your blog… thanks for visiting mine.

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  17. Maybe not the greatest gymnest but WOW what an inspiration for the rest of us!

  18. If you are always a slave to your own self-imposed boundaries, then you will never reach your true potential.

  19. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is so inspiring & wonderful – it makes my recommended of the week list ! 🙂

    At my age, shhhh the excatness, I am even thinking ‘I can’t get back into martial arts again….’ WHY do we think so? Think so, think so.

    This granny is brilliant. Great post 🙂

  20. Well said and concise. Being able to entertain oneself through one’s own mind, in solitude, is a major stepping stone toward self-actualization. It’s important, as you mention, to expend the necessary energy to pursue what speaks to us in these times of solitude. I’ve been working on similar concepts and enjoyed the words. Thanks.

    • Any process of development or change starts with self, as you say solitude is a launch pad for this process. The universe is built to move, so people grow through movement, or decay through stagnation.

  21. That’s a good message, and I must say it’s quite inspiring in the moment, but there are just so many ?’s I have. You said “Often we set limits upon ourselves, upon our dreams; we lose the fire for life so we become bored”, how is it us that set the limits, and what is the difference between people who choose to go out there and “live” as you say, achieve things, break their limits, and who don’t? Do you think that a person who simply doesn’t get excited about things and doesn’t necessarily have dreams is somehow limited, or mentally ill? It seems like many people fall into apathy and loss of motivation at some point in their lives, or at many points. I’ve been there, I know a lot of people of different ages who have and still are there. I’ve always wondered, why some can and other can’t get out of the dump of a “meaningless” life. Okay I won’t overload you with more. 🙂

    • Seekingit11, the difference is choice. People will choose to create their own limits as much as accepting the limits by others imposed upon them. When you wake up in the morning the choice is yours to live a routine boring day, or live an exciting day. It could be an ordinary day, but you can do ordinary activities in a different way, for instance make the breakfast in a different way or alter the route you travel to work. You could take time out and go into nature, or do a new activity, or ring a friend you have not seen in years.

      You create your reality through choices every moment of the day. The human brain loves stimulation, new things, it forces the brain to re-route neural activity down new routes, the basis of creativity. If you have stopped being excited about life, this is a call to action to do something about it, now.

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