The taste of music

Business idea comes from singing to cows.

Three Colchester cows with a musical ear.

I wanted to take a photograph of cows across a river, the problem was they were so far away.  This provided me with an opportunity to test out a claim that cows have a musical ear.  Nobody was around, so I sang to the cows.  The cows stopped munching on the grass, and crowded over on the other side of the river bank to listen, with me singing and photographing the cows at the same time.

Evidently scientific studies have shown that cows love music.  Cows subjected to relaxing music produce more milk.

In Britain a top tenor was flown in to sing to cows, which was a requirement of a 100-year-old recipe for a brand of ice cream.  In France jazz musicians offered appreciative cows a concert.  The Concert Hall in Dortmund, Germany worked together with a farm to produce the taste of music by playing to cows and selling the milk.  Both milk, cows, farm and the Concert Hall were a spectacular success as per the video below.

I saw a business idea of tapping into an unexploited market of producing dairy products produced from cows subjected to music, which reflects my outlook of mixing arts with nature.


13 responses to “The taste of music

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Good thinking, Alex.

  2. can’t resist …mooooove over Beethoven!

  3. This I got to test out.Next time I head out to the country side I’ll try to play music to some cattle.So far I’ve had a pretty poor relationship with them—Had a couple of bulls chase me in my time.Your’e lucky your cows have no horns.
    BYW I love the way this milk is packaged,That is something I can think of borrowing,

  4. I grew up on a farm milking cows. The cows were always restless, kicking the bucket. Now, if we only had piped in music!

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