Touched by the paw of nature

The magical connection with nature.

Squirrel in Colchester Castle Park.

I discovered today that squirrels love chocolate. In Colchester Castle Park I enjoyed a celebration of chocolate, attracting the attention of a squirrel.  Since I had nothing else to give I offered a chunk of chocolate to the squirrel, it came up and took the chocolate out of my hand.

The squirrel brushed a paw against my hand as if to say thanks.  There are many definitions of magic, but this close encounter with nature was one definition to me; such small experiences make life worth living.  All of nature was behind that little paw.

It was a shame I had no camera with me today. This happened a few times as two delighted squirrels took offered chocolate from my hand.

Two readers of this blog have had their own magical connections with nature. A Nature Mum has a backyard that attracts coyotes and baby deer; animals the family can see whilst they eat breakfast.  I envy another reader who had a magical encounter with wild horses in a forest.

There is a paw of nature out there extended for every one of us to touch and connect with nature.


28 responses to “Touched by the paw of nature

  1. Thanks for the mention! Squirrels sure are cute, aren’t they?

    • They were today 🙂

      • 🙂 Yes, they can be pesky little creatures. But cute!

      • I have a picture of one trying to raid a bag of mine when my back was turned. They are cute though 🙂

      • A few weeks ago, I was at a beach in Berkeley, and I left my backpack sitting on the sand while I watched the kids in the water. I turned around, and the fattest squirrel I’ve ever seen was trying to stick his nose into the tiny opening where I hadn’t quite closed the zipper to the main compartment, where our lunch was. Also, on the outdoor patio at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, the squirrels dig right into the bags people leave at their feet while enjoying the views and a beverage.They are known to chew right through a backpack to get to the yummy snacks people carry while hiking. Pesky!

      • Ha ha. One was in my bag today and I had visions of it running off with the rest of the chocolate bar into the trees.

  2. Alex, I realize that you are trying to be kind to the wee creatures, but chocolate can be fatal to a dog or cat, so I wouldn’t be feeding it to the squirrels. They’re piggy wee things and will eat just about anything, they don’t know it’s no good for them. I too am surrounded by nature, including deer, moose, bears, coyotes, etc. Squirrels and chipmucks are just part of that, but as my mother used to say, they’re tree rats, regardless of how cute they are. If you get one residing in your house, they shred everything apart and make a dreadful mess. They’ll also eat your electrical wire and cause a house fire.

  3. This is one of the very cute posts on your blog Alex!! Just like the little squirrel!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. We love to encounter animals while out here in the wild. We have met quite a few! A skunk that we are trying to befriend, some geese that have the strangest of personalities as they run up to you for food while hissing at you! LOL A duck couple that remember us to this day, and a family of mice. These have been some of our neighbors and we are enjoying the magic each time.

    Lovely post.

  5. Cows love music. Squirrels love chocolate. What’s next? 🙂

  6. The squirrels from the local college are tame enough to enter the buildings and steal from the vending machines. Yes, tis true. I saw one dragging a package of peanut butter cups once.

    Another time, I watched to people talk on a sidewalk, one with a bag of groceries. Neither noticed the squirrel (I think) as it circled round and around, standing up to get a better smell of whatever was in that bag.

    They can also be called to you by clicking and extending a hand with a goody therein. I tried it once empty-handed, and was bitten by the squirrel. Luckily, no rabies. 😉

  7. Sophia Jevone

    The best experiences come from nature :0) It always puts a smile on my face, whether its a magical view or encounter. I like your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I got to pet an Alaskan Malamut today.Not wild life but something for a city gal.

  9. Sometimes I go out and feed the gophers, which is unusual in itself as everyone hates them. They are considered a top menace to farmers, but I always saw it the other way around, that we were invading their grounds every time we put up a new building. sometimes they will actually get close enough to pet, but the fur feels like an old tire, not soft like a cat’s, nevertheless I like to pet them. They can eat remarkable amounts of bread.

    • It is something humans fail to appreciate, that nature sees all land as common, with no artificial limits. Mankind should attempt to co-exist rather than drive animal life further into extinction.

      I am glad you have your connection with nature.

      • There is not a single form of life that I think of as “vermin”.

      • It is another one of those separations between humanity and nature than many have. Whilst there are those like you who can see beyond the artificial barriers that all is interconnected then there is hope for mankind.

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